Friday, November 30, 2007

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue in Bil'in region and in the Bethlehem region 30 Nov 2007

Wednesday direct action at Izbet-Al-Tabib was one of the sporadic joint direct actions against occupation Palestinian villages invite the Anarchists Against the Wall (AAtW) to join. --- "The action at Izbet Al Tabib this morning started out well with a decent number of internationals Palestinians and Israelis. The army also showed up in force and attacked the people after a few minutes. People succeeded to dismantle only part of the road block they intended to. Two Israelis were arrested and taken away to Kdumim police station. The two who were arrested were released after few hours and the army returned to the village with many soldiers and increased the size of the road block".

On Friday, the first joint action the AAtW activist participated in was in Um Salmuna - the Bethlehem region. Later morning, people marched from the village towards the route of the separation fence. Just when they reached the high way they had to cross, lot of Israeli state force accompanied the march. Some pushing by them was not serious enough to disrupt the demonstration. Near the route of the fence in built the villagers hat their noon prayer, and the demonstrators returned to the village.

In Bil'in we had our 146th Friday demonstration. As the more belligerent state force personal went to confront the near by regional demonstration at the 443 apartheid road, we had a very peaceful demonstration. At noon, we marched from the center of the village towards the route of the separation fence. When we arrived at the foot of the hill the gate to the robbed lands on the west side of the fence, he had a surprise. There were only small number of soldiers and border police gendarmes. They declared the rest of the road as closed military zone and threatened us as usual. However, when people slowly moved beyond the forbidden line, they refrained from brutal attack. They threatened and blocked our advance after intruding 30 meters into the forbidden zone but no real physical harassment. After a long while they threatened they will arrest people so we retreated very slowly from the intrusion and then finished the demonstration.

For a while we looked from the hill on the confrontation between the stone throwing youth and the state forces. -----------------

The regional demonstration against the apartheid highway 443 the Palestinians of the region it pass through are forbidden to use, started at noon. The march of demonstration towards the highway was intercepted at the point they tried to block our way and failed on the previous demonstrations. Participant report that the state force used batons "freely" and detained one Palestinian and one Israeli who tried to protect him from brutal attack. As response to the brutal attack, youth who dispersed on the near by hill threw lot of stones on the state force and on the traffic of the apartheid road.

The demonstrators tried to apply pressure to hasten the release of the two detainees, but they were released only an hour after the demonstration ended.

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