Friday, February 22, 2008

Palestine-Israel, The AAtW within the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation 21-22 February

My weekly report on the involvement of the Anarchists against the wall involvement in the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation

The weekend started a day earlier. On Thursday we participated in two demonstrations: One at Bidu region - west of Givat Zeev. Bidu and the villages in the region were in the focus of the struggle against the separation fence four years ago. Now, in connection with lands robbery for the expansion of Givat Zeev the struggle is restarting. The other was at Azzoun in the Kalkilia region - demonstration against the intended demolition of children play garden: see below. Friday we participated in additional three actions: One at the morning in Silwan: see below, One on the three years anniversary Bil'in struggle, and one at El Khader - a new front of struggle against the separation fence - see below. In Bil'in were about 2000 people. Palestinians from the village and from other places of the west bank; Israelis of the coalition against the separation fence; Internationals; and lot of media workers of all kinds of local and international media.

After convergence along the late morning at Friday noon participants attended a meeting in which speeches were delivered. Then, we marched with sound system at the head and the drummers band in the middle towards the separation fence. Though the Israeli highest court order half year ago the moving of the fence to the west to exclude part of the land of the village intended to be robbed, nothing was done yet and this was the theme of the demo.

When we arrived at the gate to the route of the fence we continued with the chanting for a while, till the unruly youth started to throw stones - inviting the retaliation by the state force by shooting teat gas and rubber coated bullets.

Most of the demonstrators retreated a bit and left the arena for the kids and the state force, while we were mainly onlookers from a safe distance.

During an hour and a half, about 20 kids and some of the onlookers were injured - 6 were rushed to hospital, one of them severely injured.

News programs of the main radio Channels reported about the demonstration along the afternoon and TV channel included it in the late evening main news program.


Last Saturday (16/2/2008), 31 olive trees were uprooted by people of Elad association from a private owned piece of land. The policemen, that came after about one hour since they got a call, brutally ignored the fact that the criminals are at site even that they had all the details given to them by Silwan's residents.

The residents risk themselves and protest, we must stand along side them and show them our support! On Friday, February 15, at 9.00am, Israeli residents of Jerusalem will show solidarity and protest in front of the entrance to the "City of David" visitor center . We will wait for the tourists with signs and flayers, explaining to them who really stands behind the tours in "City of David".


Elad association has been working to cleanse the neighborhood of Wadi Hilwe in Silwan from it's Palestinian inhabitants for over a decade. The association uses different means for its objectives: buying out houses legally or by forgery and deceit, utilizing a network of collaborators which destroys the community from within, and mainly using the archaeological excavations and growing tourism as means to oust the local residents.

The state of Israel has given the full responsibility and control over the archaeological sites in Silwan to Elad, which in turn created a method of expelling citizens from their properties, appropriating public areas, enclosing these lands with fences and guards, and banning the entrance of the local residents. Elad monitors and executes aggressive archaeological excavations which are conducted secretly and illicitly, while violating international codes of ethic and under the protection of a private security force. Elad has managed to put its foothold in all the authorities and committees that are relevant to its cause: the Jerusalem municipality, national state committees, the antiquities authority, the nature & national parks protection authority, and the custodian for absentee property. Any attempt by the local residents to stand up against Elad, is met by a swift operation of the Israeli police and security services (shin-bet).

Hundreds of thousands of visitors a year are led through the excavation site in Silwan, and are brainwashed with a biased narrative told by Elad, under the charm of the national parks and antiquities authorities. The distortion of facts and the oppression of the local residents must come to light, and especially to those who visit the site.


A little Oasis for children in the middle of hopelessness

The playground, just off the Road between Azzoun and Jayyous attracts many children of both, and of the surrounding villages, being the only of its kind in the region. It's built in Area C on private Palestinian Land. But because the building permit is lacking, the Israeli Defense force demolished half of the area on the 22nd of February 2006. The other half will be destroyed on the 15th of March 2008.

The children's park was built with financial support of USAID and YMCA and the construction was nearly finished in February 2006. Building permits for Area C are almost impossible to get. An Israeli Lawyer is working on the case and is now planning to move to the Supreme Court as it is about private land.

Let us support the playground between Azzoun and Jayyous as it brings a glimpse of joy to the children in an area where they have not a lot to laugh about. On February 21st, almost two years after the partial deconstruction, at 10 am, there will be a demonstration held on the playground.



Friday, February 22nd 2008: Al-Khader Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements with Al-Khader community invite you to join us in the weekly demonstration that will take place at the southern side of the village near the bypass, route 60.

The motto of this demo is: Keep pursuing non-violent resistance to end the Israeli occupation

We will gather at 11:45 am by the southern entrance of Al-Khader village, near the gas station. The demo will start after prayers have taken place on the threatened land where the wall will be constructed to separate 20 thousand dunums (5 thousand acres) of land from their farmers.

Join us; Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals to end this black page of human history.

For more information, please contact Samer Jaber

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