Monday, March 10, 2008

Sweden, Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall are every where 26 May 2004

Here in Norway we had twenty-five ambulances to block the way leading to the Israeli embassy (at least a couple of times). This was one of the rather cool actions workers organized here in Oslo (the capital of Norway that is), and makes a rather powerful -though symbolic- manifestation of how the IDF are hempering the work of ambulances.
Otherwise it's mostly talking, resolusions, declerations, endorsements of demonstrations (not substanstial participation though), etc. The main workers organization -"LO"- are also delivering news -something which is actually very important!. Last but not least, LO has a humanitarian (as in filanthropic) organization which delivers aid in form of food, health personell, water engineers and more, which allieviate the usual trot for ordinary workers. Needless to point out for you: This last "action" doesn't change the development, it just relieves a minimum of hardtime, and it doesn't engage the grassroots.

The Norwegian authorities also condems the Israleli states behaviour, but continue trading weapons (actually it was Norwegian shipowners which illegaly and in secrecy supplied heavy water (a very important raw material for making Israels A-bombs!)). Of course we must keep pressure up, but declarations and stuff from the trade unions IS NOT ENOUGH! Only direct action in form of selective boycotts (we want to hurt the Israeli state, NOT our fellow workers!), strikes etc. will change the development. (Here in Norway it's mainly about the transportations of those weapons, but in U.S. it's LOTS of commodities and governmental aid to the zionist state). I wish you the very best luck!

However, we cannot totally change the palestinian challenge from the outside -the main driving force must be palestinian and israeli workers united in fight -this we should seek to alleviate.

By the way; we got a visit from a guy called Ariel from the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative a week ago. He stopped by this radical youth-subculture-squat (Blitz) to show a film screening of the actions against the wall. It was a video which indeed made me very angry and combative. You should definately show it sometime.... It seems that these people are brave people working hard -they truly deserve our support. Not only moral, but also practical, if you've got the resources.

Currently it seems they are focusing more on the acute task of saving the villages which "stand in the way" for the Racist wall (at least that's how it seems -I don't live there, and ain't got a satisfying informations). If we could make better contacts with them, maybe we could influence them to take the strictly nescessary action towards workers actions.

Lastly: I feel obliged to stress that one of the very most important regions for classwar is in US -not Israel! Use your scarce resources were you are!

Think globally - act locally!

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