Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palestine-Israel, 72 years since the beginning of mass struggle against Zionist settler colonialism, and the joint struggle continue

This week the Joint struggle against occupation and the separation fence AAtW people participated in Ni'ilin all the week (video of Friday 3.10.08 at: Friday in Bil'in (link to video Comrades participated also in the picking of olives south of Hebron. In spite of competing subjects TV Friday news of the main channels reported on these. (Um Salmuna Friday demo was not mentioned this week). Saturday comrades participated in a hundred strong demo near the military prison two of the female refusnics of the new wave of high school graduates are serving two weeks already of the first 21 days term.

SOUTH OF HEBRON - first olive harvest of the season

today, Friday 3.10 a group of a 30 Israeli and international activists arrived to the city of Hebron in order to support the al-jaber family in their first olive harvest of the season, the situation of the family is extremely difficult due to it's location : just next to the settlement of Hazon David, in the past two months, especially on Saturday's the hebron and kirait arba settlers attacked the family in their house on several occasions .
we arrived, joined the family and neighbor's and started harvesting the trees, in just a few minuets we were surrounded by a group of about 30 settlers(some of them armed with guns and some of them armed with baby's...), police, border police and army, the settlers tried provoking us and preventing us from harvesting the trees and on several occasions used violence and tried to steal the olives, one activists was detained by the police for allegedly "assaulting" one settler although the video and stills material that was shot clearly shows that he was the one that was attacked by the settlers, he was taken to the police, gave a statement and released after 2 hours.
Our day finished successfully after we managed to harvest all the family trees .

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