Sunday, April 12, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue - week days and weekend.

Comrades of Anarchists Against the Wall participated in the continuous struggle against evictions and demolitions of houses of Palestinian families in the extended Jerusalem region (Silwan and Shikh Jarakh mainly). Wednesday we were in Ni'ilin. Friday was focussed on the demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Um Salmuna. As there is no supreme joy as the malicious joy, we had such huge joy in Bil'in, when the stupid state forces found that the eastern wind carry the tear gas they shoot on us towards them. Bil'in struggle still get into the the main TV media. Previous Friday TV news brought a clip about shooting contradicting regulations. 10.4.09:


R. reported:

"Seven Israelis and five internationals joined a few dozen Palestinians for the weekly demo in Bil'in. The demo was led with Palestinian flags, singing and chanting, and with a poster portraying young Palestinian children as wanted suspects. The popular committee announced a decision according to which the soldiers should behave themselves today, but the soldiers blatantly disregarded the decision, and welcomed the demo with the usual surge of shock grenades and gas. The shabab threw stones, the soldiers shot grenades and bullets, and the wind, which was refreshingly pro-Palestinian, sent most of the gas back to the soldiers. The demonstrators prepared a large metal board painted as the separation wall, [a "legacy" kept from a past demonstration. I.S.] and we used it as a shield to enter through the fence gate [to the route the electronic fence is in its middle. I.S.]. Three demonstrators managed to stick to their positions and advance for just under half and hour, despite persistent stray stones from the back and all sorts of ammunition from the front. Eventually a direct hit of several gas grenades forced the demonstrators to retreat and exit the fence area.

[Few "brave and wise" soldiers succeeded after much effort to opened the lock of the gate in the electronic fence, and thieved the deserted shield to the other side of the separation fence. I.S.]

During the demo a demonstrator and a photographer were directly hit with shock and gas grenades, but didn't suffer severe damage. After the demonstration dispersed a few soldiers entered the village, but didn't stay very long. Samih, who had suffered a head injury from a gas projectile a couple of months ago, is getting better, and regained control of the arm that had been paralyzed. Inshalla, Tristan will take after him".

Previous week, in the TV channel 10 Friday evening news, one sample of state force terrorist acts in Bil'in of shooting demonstrators even in contradiction to the stated regulation of the opening fire on demonstrators.


IMEMC / Activestills reported:

"Wednesday, we participated in the mid-week demonstration in Ni'ilin. As it was the Passover eve, the presence of the Israeli state force was minimal, and their "retaliation" was milder than usual. Only two teams of theirs advanced into the main street of the village near the entrance road block. They "only" shoot tear gas, without firing bullets and tear gas canisters directly at demonstrators from short range - as they usually do...

Friday, a comrade reported:
"Scores of villagers from Nil'in located near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, along with their international supporters held their weekly protest on Friday midday against the illegal Israeli wall being built on village land.

As soon as locals and international supporters arrived in the part of the village where Israel is building the wall, soldiers showered them with tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets. They also fired rounds of live ammunition.

One sustained critical wounds after being hit with a live round while six people were injured with rubber-coated steel. Dozens were treated for gas inhalation."

Pictures at:

UM SALMUNA (the Ma’asara region)

Shai Report: Friday demonstration against the wall in Ma’asara 10.4.09

The demonstration started after the pray in the village, marking international children day. About 40 demonstrators from the village, together with international and Israeli activists took part. The army set, as usual, a barb wire at the entrance to the village and prevented the passage to the land of the villagers. Some demonstrators tried to cross the barb wire but the soldiers reacted with violence and threats of arrests.

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