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Palestine-Israel, The suppression of resistance increase - and so is the joint struggles of resistance

During the week the Anarchists Against the Wall (AAtW) activists were involved in various struggles: Against the transfer in Jerusalem - mainly the Sheikh Jarakh location; In the struggle against the persecution of African refugees, and the expulsion of Guest workers families with children born in Israel - mainly in Tel Aviv; And in the struggle against the harassments and arrests of the Bil'in village activists in various places. On Friday we mobilized to the demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation: In Bil'in a special mobilization of about 200 Israelis focused on the arrests of Bil'in activists. We had also the weekly activities in Ni'ilin and Um Salmuna. There was also a beginning of may be prolonged struggle in Azure tame.


"There will be a demo at Azure tame tomorrow. If you can make it please let me know.

Around 30 Palestinians, two international and three Israeli activists gathered in front of the Azun-Atme checkpoint and demonstrated against the apartheid wall. During the hour long demonstration, the participants called out slogans against the occupation, and hanged red and Palestinian flags on the checkpoint fence.

August 14, 2009

As the demonstrators stood near the entrance road to the checkpoint, the soldiers maintained their checking, delaying and harassing the coming and going traffic from the village. When the demonstrators slightly neared the checkpoint, a military jeep headed them, and five soldiers lined up in front of them. One of the soldiers demanded from a Palestinian demonstrator that the demo will not exceed the sidewalk. The soldier's commander cut the short discussion by stating "leave them alone, they're bothering themselves". The soldier backed, and so did the demonstration a few minutes later.


"Only six of us were approved to attend the hearing tomorrow (Thursday) at Oder prison, regarding the arrests of Mohammed Hatib and others from Bil'in. 19 of the village residents have been arrested so far.

we are therefore organizing a support vigil outside of Oder prison."

The Call for Friday demo:

The army arrests Bil'iners under cover of darkness, We protest in broad day light.

Mass demonstration against the political repression of Bilin, This Friday, August 14

Dozens of residents of Bilin, including prominent activists from the popular committee against the wall, were recently arrested by the occupation forces. They were arrested in the middle of the night, under cover of darkness: Our friends and partners in the struggle for over four years, are pulled out of bed by masked soldiers. Most of them have now been in jail for weeks. They are accused of outrageous accusation and their release is not in sight.

The night invasions, accompanied by shooting in the village streets, and the political arrests are yet another attempt to suppress the internationally known popular struggle in Bilin. Almost two years after the high court ruled that the wall in Bilin must be moved, the wall remains untouched. The struggle against it will persist until it falls.

On Friday 14.8 we will set out, Israelis Palestinians and internationals, on a mass demonstration against the political repression of the courageous village of Bilin. We will demand that the army release the prisoners now or arrest us as well for we too incite against the occupation.


Tel Aviv: Meet at Lewinsky Garden on Hagdud Haivri St. at 11 am. To register or to lend your car please call Ilan.

Jerusalem: Meet at Bell Garden at 11:30. For more details and to register contact Assaf, preferably by email or else by phone .

Please make an effort to be on time. Thanks in advance.

The Demonstration:

"Almost 200 Israelis joined several dozens of internationals and Palestinians for a special demonstration against the annexation wall and the nightly political arrests of Bil'in protesters. Israeli member of Parliament Dov Hanin was present at the village, but did not join the procession. The demonstrators marched from the village center chanting slogans in Arabic, Hebrew, English and Spanish, followed by vibrant speeches when the procession reached the fence. There were relatively minor exchanges of stones for gas grenades between shabab and soldiers in the flanks away from the demonstration. When a small number of protesters attempted to cross the wall, they were gassed and later also sprayed with the "shit" water, whose stench is permanently present in the fence area due to previous weeks' spraying. When the demonstration was declared over the soldiers decided to get rid of excess ammunition and continued to pointlessly gas and spray the area, culminating in the surreal scene of a single bare faced protester throwing stones at dozens of soldiers, who sprayed the area with their multi-gas-canister cannon. When the procession was on its way to the village we heard what sounded like a single live shot at the shabab who were busy trying to disperse the soldiers with stones."
Bil'in Friday 14.8.09 video at
Bil'in 14-8-09 - link to video


"Monday, 10th August, at 8 pm: protest vigil in Sheikh Jerach with the evicted families and representatives of the international community.
Please bring candles."


Around 150 demonstrators gathered for the weekly demonstration against the wall in Ni'ilin. After the Friday prayer, the group marched on towards the route of the wall. A military jeep standing still as bate for stone throwers, left its position and the tear gas started flooding the fields. As soldiers accompanied by jeeps entered the village fields and kept attacking the demonstration from various directions, it moved from one location to the other.

Niilin - 14/8/09

The soldiers kept escalating the clashes, using tear gas in its various firing methods and rubber-coated bullets, trying again & again to surprise the demonstrators invading from different directions. Fortunately enough, no injuries were listed & no arrests done, and after a few hours the demonstration ended.


In protest of the nightly invading of Bil'in village by the Israeli army last few weeks, activists demonstrated tonight in front of the house of the commanding officer of the army forces of the occupied west bank.

"August 11 2009 - Late Night demo in front of Noam Tibon's house in Tel-Aviv

Some 20 demonstrators gathered late Tuesday night in front of Noam Tibon's house in north Tel-Aviv. Noam Tibon is the commanding officer of the entire Israeli military forces in the west bank. Among his various occupation activities, Tibon is in charge of the violent oppression of demonstrations against the wall in the west bank, not excluding the weekly Friday demonstrations. Furthermore, he is in charge of the arrests policy – and the recent weeks' ongoing night raids campaign in Bilin, yielding arrests of non violent demonstrators and terrorizing while depriving sleep of the entire village.
The demonstrators protested in front of his house calling "TIBON, wake up! The village of Bilin will not give up!" giving the quiet wealthy neighborhood a minimal idea of the actions their neighbor carries out almost daily – in order to suppress the ongoing non violent struggle of the people of Bilin in resistance to the wall. - Here is a link to the English version of the video:

UM SALMUNA - Muasara
Eight Israelis and about 30 international activists joined about 100 Palestinians for the weekly demonstration against the separation fence at Al-Muasara/Um Salmuna. The demonstration started with a march from the village towards the spool of barbed wire blocking the way to the route of the separation fence. On the way, they were joined by a group of youth who were drumming together with the Samba band of Tel Aviv activists.

At the blocking point speeches were given in Arabic and English derogating the fence and occupation.


Thursday afternoon was scheduled a meeting in the Karawat Bani-Zaid for thinking about the continuation of the struggle for water.

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