Sunday, September 20, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle will not end in spite of increased repression

The focus last weeks of the struggle against the separation fence was in Bil'in. The repression by the army and the Israeli secret service - lately involved, the arrests of organizers and participants in the weekly demonstrations, and the nightly invasions of the village will not put end to the continuous struggle of the last 55 months. AAtW activists regained the nightly presence in the village to take part with internationals and local activists in confronting the Israeli state forces invaders in their nightly efforts to harass and arrest activists.


Here are two updates on Bil'in raids

Friday demonstration:

Over 25 Israelis from Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv, and 15 Internationals joined a smaller than usual group of Palestinians for the last Ramadan Friday demonstration against the annexation wall, nightly arrests and military brutality in Bil'in. The procession carried only few flags, as most of the flags and banners were stolen by the army in its raid on Abdullah's house on Wednesday before dawn. The procession reached the fence gate, and speeches were made in Arabic and Hebrew. The shabby stayed behind along the fence parallel to the road and tried to disperse with stones the gas grenade throwing soldiers. The non violent demonstrators converged at the gate for a while, and few participate shout at them - but failed to convince any of them. Later, the chants "allowed the army three minutes to disperse". As the army failed to comply, few daring demonstrators entered the space between the fences to which the state force responded with tear gas grenades thrown by hand and with the multi-barrel gas grenade launcher that shoot a 32 gas canisters in one salvo. Few minutes later the demonstration was declared over. [me with white hat on the right]

Bilin Friday 18.9.2009 video at


Palestinians Israelis and Internationals Succeed in Causing Substantial Damage to The Wall
opening a Gap in the Apartheid Wall

On Friday, September 18, about 300 protestors: Israeli, Palestinian and international attended the weekly demo against the apartheid wall in Ni‘lin. In an impressive joint collective action the protestors have succeeded in moving one of the wall blocks (weighing a few tons!), causing substantial damage to the wall, and opening a gap in which a person can pass.

In the past month the army had constructed the aforementioned cement wall (similar to the one in Kalkilia area) that separates between the villages‘ agricultural lands, in which the demos take place, and the electronic wall that is situated in the heart of these lands. Earlier, the protestors have placed rubber tires in the Palestinian side of the wall and put them on fire. The impressive fumes have reached the Israeli side (and probably the ozone layer as well). Soldiers have fired gas grenades on the protestors, also using the multi-barrel gas grenade launcher, capable of firing 32 gas grenades simultaneously. One Palestinian protester was lightly injured from the gas grenades. The protestors have thrown stones at the soldiers.

BIDU 12-09-09 action

demonstration in support of Palestinian farmers, Biddu, Palestine- part 1+2
Bidu demo from Har adar settlement side - link to video

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