Monday, October 5, 2009

Palestine-Israel, It is still a long way for the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation

The Israeli increased harassment of the members of Bil'in popular comity for nonviolent joint struggle against the separation fence show us how damaging is the joint struggle to the Israeli settler colonialist project. Activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative continued involvement in the struggle against transfer in Jerusalem and the struggles against water restrictions - an indirect means for forcing a "voluntary transfer". We participated in the three persistent Friday demonstrations against the separation fence in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, And in the Al-Muasara region. Comrades also joined the direct action in Qarut where rocks blocking the road were removed.


To remind us that the demonstrations in Bil'in are not just a routine ceremony, the Israeli state forces arrested Thursday - just a day before the Friday demonstration another member of the popular committee Basel Mansour 32 years old. In their desperate efforts increased lately to put end to the Friday demonstrations against the separation fence in Bil'in.

International activists and Israelis of the Anarchists Against the Wall, keep coming along the week, for nights presence and confrontation with the Israeli state forces harassing and try arresting Bil'in activist at nights.

On Friday noon, we marched as usual from the village center to the gate in the fence of the route of the separation fence. We were a few dozens Palestinian people of Bil'in and their supporters: about 15 Israelis, two dozen internationals (including a France delegation from Kaysersberg headed by its mayor), a delegation of the Union of Palestinian farmers, and few leaders of the Palestinian People's Party. Demonstrators chanted on the way against the fence that annexes the lands of Bil'in, against the night raids that the army commits in an attempt to oppress the village protest and terrorize its people and against the Israeli occupation at large.

When the demonstrators reached the fence, one of them declared in front of the soldiers there that this is a non-violent demonstration; that the night raids only strengthen Bil'in people in their struggle for freedom and livelihood; on the demonstrators' intention to harvest the olive trees that reside on Bil'in's land beyond the fence; and that the demonstrators do not need permits from the occupation to do so. Other demonstrators told the soldiers in Arabic, English and Hebrew that they are occupiers and should go away, and that the fence in its current route should fall even according to an Israeli court decision.

As it happen often, efforts to open the gate were successful. From time to time comrades succeeded to enter the route and hung a Palestinian flags on the electronic fence.

Few times the state force responded with showers of teargas grenades. Twice few soldiers opened the fence door and ran towards the demonstrators in an attempt to commit arrests and\or scare the demonstrators, but they retreated after a few stones were thrown at them. As the retreat of the activists was fast enough - the soldiers grabbed only the flags.

After the third flag was removed from the fence but not confiscated by the soldiers, it was rescued and was carried at the head of the march back to the village. At that stage - when the demonstrators already started moving towards the village, the frustrated soldiers showered us with the last round of teargas grenades.


Friday 3.10.09 After the noon prayer, about 70 Palestinians and about 20 Israeli and international activists marched from the center of the village toward the robbed lands confiscated for the building of the separation fence. As usual, the Israeli army blocked the entrance of the village with a spool of barbed wire and prevented the crossing to the lands. Speech were carried there in Arabic, English, and Hebrew, which also mentioned Haider Abed Al Shafi and Eduard Said who died a year ago.

There was a significant presence of females with Um Hasan at their head who lead the the march with chants and gave a speech about the Palestinian "Tsumud" = persistence of the resistance to the Israeli transfer pressures.


The weekly protest against the wall in Ni'lin was the first one held during the olive harvest season. This is also the first harvest season since the completion of the wall on Ni'lin land, and the village is waiting to see whether the occupation forces will fulfill their stated commitment to allow the villagers access to their land over the wall.
Families who still have remaining olive trees that haven't been stolen by the wall have begun the work of picking the olives (this year is the bad year for the olive crop). Ni'lin families with olive trees beyond the wall haven't been allowed to cross over to harvest them yet, as the army has requested a list of names from the municipality.

The protesters marched towards the route of the concrete wall placed alongside the fence, carrying pictures of the 6 Ni'lin youths who are currently detained by the Israeli army. some of the protesters pelted soldiers with stones, while others called on them to refuse to participate in the theft of Palestinian land. Soldiers fired tear gas at protesters, in some cases directly, and used for the first time in some months aluminum canisters, that are much more dangerous if fired directly at people. Additionally, they sprayed the stinking green substance at the most daring of protesters who got within the range of the jets of fluid. After a couple of hours soldiers crossed the wall, and the protesters backed off. no serious injuries were recorded, aside from some gas inhalation.

Ni'ilin Fri. 2.10.09

On the previous Friday demo see:


Saffa this Saturday
As said before this Saturday we are going to go to Saffa to work with local farmers, If anyone wants to join please call me as soon as possible


Water convoy Saturday 26.9.09 video


Palestinian protesters remove rocks blocking the road that leads to the West Bank village of Qarut, near Nablus, on October 2, 2009. A group of Palestinian protesters, Israeli and foreign peace activists demonstrated against the Israeli blockade of the main road that leads to the village of Qarut and against the nearby Jewish settlement of Shelo.

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