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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the separation fence, occupation, and transfer expand.

This week the struggle around the transfer from Sheikh Jarrad neighborhood (east Jerusalem) become more intensive and got lot of media attention. Activists from Tel Aviv reinforced during the week Jerusalem comrades and internationals. On Friday the mobilization to Sheikh Jarrah involved in addition to activists of Jerusalem, comrades attending an hour earlier demonstrations in Bil'in, Ma'asara, and human rights demo in Tel Aviv. The Wednesday struggle in Ni'ilin, was a bit less intense after a high concrete wall was built along the main part of the separation fence. It was the first time state forces did not use shooting of bullets and used only tear gas. In Bil'in, in spite of the arrest of the head of the popular comity (we demonstrated against it on Thursday in TA) we had Friday demonstration and tear gas as usual.


10th December, Abdullah abu-Rahme from Bil'in was arrested early this morning by soldiers in Ramallah. He is being held for questioning. More to follow.

Invitation to Thursday evening demonstration

End political repression – long live the popular struggle

Last night, at 2 am, the Israeli army arrested Abdullah abu-Rahmeh, one of the leaders of the popular struggle in the village of Bil’in. Abdullah’s arrest is the latest in a long line of arrests, accompanied by violent nightly invasions the army has been conducting in order to repress Bil’ins popular struggle.

‘Adib abu-Rahmeh, another member of the popular committee, has been detained for the past five months at ‘Ofer prison, in addition to 15 Bil’in youths. Their only crime is popular resistance of the occupation, demanding justice and freedom.

This is the Israeli apartheid regime: leaders and participants in the popular struggle are imprisoned, while war criminals walk free, and the separation wall built on Bil’in’s land still stands, although it has been ruled illegal even by Israel’s high court.

If the people of Bil’in, Ni’lin, Ma’asara and Shekih Jarrah are wanted by the army we shall all be wanted. Together, we shall stand against the persecution. Together, we shall continue the resistance.

Protest tonight, Thursday, 10th Dec, 18:30

Meeting: Sderot Ben-Zion, Corner of King George and marching to the Ministry of defense, the Kiriya, Tel Aviv

Media report on the demo

..."A protest was held in Tel Aviv Thursday night against the arrest hand in hand with marking International Human Rights Day. At the event, which was attended by some 150 people, banners were waved with slogans such as: "If Abu Rahma is a wanted man, so are we" and "We won't let popular resistance be put to death."

Adar Grievsky from the group "Anarchist against the Wall," said, "In recent months 31 people have been arrested in Bilin during night raids. It must be remembered that these are popular protests that take place every week. They are not violent or armed, and every democratic regime must allow them. When Israel acts violently against non-violent people, it shows that it has something to earn from armed struggle.

"The protest is both an outcry against the occupation and oppression of such outcries against it. It is International Human Rights Day, and it is important to emphasize to all Israelis that human rights are violated in the territories on a daily basis, and every time basic rights are violated there that need to be granted to every person whoever they are."

Friday report:

"A total of about 25 Israelis and internationals joined the Palestinians of Bil'in for a relatively small demonstration against the wall. The focus of the protest was the arrest of Abdullah Abu Rahme, a member of the popular committee, whose prominent presence in demonstrations and attempts to curb the use of stones and gas canisters made him such a dangerous person, that the Israeli army had to break into Ramallah in the middle of the night to abduct and arrest him. The new border police soldiers were very eager to spend gas canisters, and the wind made it difficult to maintain steady presence near the gate, which was nevertheless opened by the demonstrators. Many suffered from gas inhalations, some were bruised, and some went on to get arrested in the demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah, just in time for the lighting of the first Hanukka candle. May the occupiers be defeated as was the evil king Antiochus."

Bil'in Friday 11.12.2009 video at


Weekly Demonstration Against the Wall in Ni'ilin-06/12/2009

22nd aniversary to the First Intifada - Demonstration in Ni'ilin
The coming Wednesday, December 9th (noon time) - a demonstration commemorating the outbreak of the First Intifada will be held in Ni'ilin on Wednesday.

It was a relatively small demonstration as it was in a working day early afternoon.
About 10 Israelis, the village main activists against the separation fence, and few others, and lot of media workers participated.

There was surprisingly minor suppression of Israeli state forces who did not shoot at us with any thing more than tear gas canisters.


Occupation of Al-Kurd home, 1st December, Sheikh Jarrah

Update on Sheikh Jarrah, 12/08/2009

I just came back from Sheikh Jarrah. Talked to some people and following a fight from last week a bunch of Palestinians were sentenced to forty days of a house arrest out of Sheikh Jarrah. The police officer asked the judge for that particular sentence saying that the Jerusalem police is planning to evict another two families in the next couple of weeks and they would prefer it if those subversive element will not be around for that action.
While there, three times a groups of settlers harassed the Palestinians in different ways. One of them by painting over a beautiful moral on a Palestinian house an Israeli flag. obviously, the police or the military did not do anything to stop them. Yesterday, some settlers were seen covering their faces as if they were trying to hide their identity, before attacking someone.

So once again our presence is very much needed in Sheikh Jarrah. I will try to do a couple of hours a day, and I hope that others can join me. For those who are coming from Tel Aviv by a service taxi, the walk from Kikar Zion to Sheikh Jarrah takes about 10 minutes.

Invitation for the Friday demonstration

The settlers in Sheikh Jarrah are harassing the Palestinian residents, especially the Al-Kurd family. Ever since they moved into a section of their house, the settlers are threatening the family members, preventing them from sleeping at night, painting Israeli flags on their walls, and even throwing stones at them.

Our presence is still needed in the neighborhood, and there are no volunteers for the weekend yet. In order to ensure activist presence at all times, we created a schedule of shifts. If you can come for a few hours, please sign up in advance and join a day/night shift – M.

The weekly marches are growing and receiving significant public attention. Last week we were 130. Let us grow in numbers!

Join a march from West to East Jerusalem in protest of the injustice committed against the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. The march will end in Sheikh Jarrah with a protest against the settler enterprise in the neighborhood.

The march will start at the center of west Jerusalem - Mashbir plaza, on the corner of King George and Ben Yehudah on Friday 11.12 at 13:30

For transportation from Tel Aviv: K.

Activist from Jerusalem came to the late morning "human rights" mass demonstration in Tel Aviv to distribute fliers about the struggle in Sheikh Jarrah and invitation to join this Friday demonstration in Jerusalem.


After the police attack on the demo today, and the arrests, there is a big need for presence there. please go to the place if you can come.

First details:

In the weekly Friday demonstration, when the people reached the neighborhood, they encountered big presence of police. The police assaulted the demonstrators on the false accusation that they intended to forcibly invade apartments settlers occupied with the blessing Israely courts. The police officers were super violent and used peper spray and batons.

24 comrades were arrested - many of them activists of the AAtW initiative. 24 of them were brought to the Russian compound police station for interogation and one taken for hospital.

There are supporting lawyer with the comrades, and it is expected that part of the arrested will stay in jail and wil be brought before judge at the end of Saturday.
However, after the end of the interogation all were cept in jail to appear before judge the next late evening charged with "assaulting an officer".
A call for solidarity demonstration Saturday evening in front of the Jerusalem courthouse was issued:

Every Friday for the past few weeks, there has been a march to Sheikh Jarrah to protest the eviction of Palestinian residents from their homes. During the demonstration yesterday, the police stormed the crowd with unprecedented force, wounding ten demonstrators and arresting twenty-four. The detainees spent the night in the Russian Compound, and will be brought before a judge to be arraigned this evening. The harsh police response seems planned in advance in order to suppress the mounting protests and to silence the public opposition to the policy of judaizing East Jerusalem. Brutal suppression of legal and nonviolent demonstrations will not silence the opposition.

We will not be silent.
We will not stand by while the Sheikh Jarrah residents are evicted and their protest silenced. Tonight at 7:00 PM Demonstration in front of the magistrate court.

Media report with link to video clip at:

Towards midnight, first group of 6 appeared before the judge. The prosecution asked for their detention till the trial, but judge released them on bail - conditioned on 30 days refraining from coming near Sheikh Jarrah/

Around 03:50 - Sunday early morning all the Israelis were released. The three internationals who were kidnapped by the immigration police in spite of the physical resistance of the comrades at the hearing, were released later.

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