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Palestine Israel, This week the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation was focused on Gaza

The Gaza week started on previews Saturday demo in Jaffa, continued with Sunday march to Gaza on the shore... Tuesday in Be'er Sheva university, Thursday at Erez road block and this Saturday in Tel Aviv. As usual, in addition to the regular Friday demonstrations in Bilin, Ma'asara, and Ni'ilin, we were invited to Friday in the Bidu region and Saturday in Saffa. The Refusnics struggle continue with one of them serving another month in military jail. The authority indignation and the extreme right continue to be in the public media, with vacillating steps of authority to restrict our various actions. Part of the "left leaning media" give us exposure: "A film about our friend David Reeb, was done for channel 8, by filmmaker David Ofek. Next Friday it will be a screening in Tel Aviv Cinematheque."


"Tomorrow - Friday, January 1st - a morning demonstration will be held with our partners from the villages of Bet-Iksa, Bet-Surik, Bidu & Bet-Duku.

Whilst Israel tries to break the West-Bank to smaller & smaller enclaves, the people of the villages choose joint action."

Friday morning, AAtW contingent was blocked on the road to the demo and continued as second choice to Bil'in's Friday one.


"Some 30 Israelis and 25 internationals (including a group of Italian photography students) joined the weekly Palestinian demo against the land appropriation wall in Bil'in. This demonstration also marked the Fatah anniversary, and included a prominent presence of the Palestinian Popular struggle Front. When the demonstrators reached the gate, they found it open, and the soldiers wasted no time before they started flooding the area with tear gas. The wind made it difficult to maintain the demonstration at the gate area, and the soldiers, who slowly crept across the fence, put demonstrators who remained at the gate area in danger of arrest. The demonstration dispersed without injuries other than tear gas inhalation."

Bil'in 29 12 2009
Haethm Alkateeb video 01.01.2010


Gaza week started in 26-12-09 500 joint demonstration in Jaffa. It continued on Sunday with shore walking of AAtW initiative demonstration south of Zikim towards Gaza with 16 detained for few hours. See: demonstrators try to break the blockade on Gaza - 27-12-09

It continued 29-12-09 in Be'er Sheva university entrance:

"As part of the events marking a year following Israel's brutal attack on Gaza, a small demonstration was held today in Be'er-Sheva, near the Ben-Gurion University. The demonstration called for the end of Israel's occupation and the prolonged siege on Gaza and had about 20 participants, palestinians and Jews. 30 minutes before the time scheduled for the demo we were shocked to see that vast amounts of police forces where already near the university gates. There were 4 large 'Transits', 2 of them were 'Yasam' (riot police), 2-3 police cars and about 20 police officers and 15 'Magav' personnel (border police). This amount of police is unheard of for such a small demo. The chief of police on the scene informed us that our demo is illegal (which is of course untrue) and that he was already authorized to disperse us and make arrests. Eventually we managed to have held our demo – with the police promise that next time they will arrest us."

Gaza march:

"More than a thousand Palestinian and Jewish Israeli citizens from all over the country participated Thursday in a demonstration at the Erez checkpoint on the Gaza border. The demonstration, organized by the Supreme Committee of Israeli Palestinians and joined by the Coalition against the Siege, was part of the international week of action against the siege, marking one year to the Israeli attack on Gaza, and was coordinated with a similar demonstration on the other side of the wall – in Gaza itself."

Israelis had their part in the international demo day for Gaza at the Erez road / block terminal Thursday. Erez checkpoint - 31-12-09

Along the week were preparations and posters hanging for the demo of the wide coalition of the left to be held in Tel Aviv Saturday evening 2-1-10

Saturday evening, about 1000 participated in the coalition march from city square towards a meeting at the museum square with banners, placards and the samba circle. Slogan were shouted on the way - Speeched were carried at the long meeting.

"End the Siege of Gaza!" -
Demonstration in Tel Aviv January 2, 2010


The commander of the Israeli state forces at the last demo of the 2009 year warned the organizers that on the coming year the suppression of the Friday demos in Ma'asara will intensify.

"1-1-2010 Friday Al Masara Demonstration

"Over 300 protested today in al-Masara - including Israelis, internationals and activists of neighboring villages, against the construction of the illegal Apartheid Wall and settlements on the lands of the nine intertwined villages to the South of Bethlehem.

Protesters walked through the villages towards the construction site of the wall, but as every Friday for the past few years, they were intercepted by dozens of soldiers who had again cut off the main road with a barb wire fence. Protesters waved flags and chanted slogans through a mobile sound system, while some accompanied the demonstration on horses in an expression of pride of the ongoing popular resistance in the face of increasing crack downs.

Women from the villages held posters of their imprisoned sons and detained activist from the Bethlehem district and lead in chants demanding the release of all political prisoners. Senior Palestinian officials, including Minister Maher Ghneim, gave speeches expressing their support for the Popular Committees commitment to resisting Israels colonial policies and its success in mobilizing continuous support from local, international, and Israeli activists.

Todays demonstration, which commemorated the foundation of the Fateh movement, comes following threats issued two days ago to the Popular Committee warning that its members would be blacklisted and arrested if the protests in al-Masara continued in 2010.

Therefore, the soldiers, who had taken position behind the barb wire, appeared more tense than usual. One soldier repeatedly aimed his weapon at the protestors from a hill overlooking the street. At one point, soldiers pushed into the crowd, when children attempted to remove the barb wire. As the aggression increased, the Israeli army fired tear gas and sound bombs at the crowd and five military vehicles entered deep into the village of al-Masara. Soldiers continued to shoot teargas for an hour and remained at the entrance of the village until 15h. One child was hit by a sound bomb and had to be carried away while soldiers were still shooting. Several protestors suffered gas inhalation, and other injuries were reported. Al-Ma'sara Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements".

Link to videos of 1-1-10 demo in Ma'asara


Friday 25.12.2009 Ni'ilin video at

"Dear All, The Ni'ilin demonstration tomorrow (1/1/10) is the central demonstration commemorating the 45th Fatah movement anniversary. The people of the village hope to see our massive attendance."

"Friday 1-1-10 ןn Ni'ilin too, nearly 300 demonstrators gathered to commemorate the Fatah's movement 45th anniversary. After the prayer, the demonstrators went marching & chanting to the route of the wall. On arrival, the large number of youth divided to a few groups, each confronting the soldiers and the roaring jeeps at a different location. After an hour & a half of such confrontations, the soldiers invaded the village fields in large numbers – to be confronted with the tireless youth there. Today, in a "brilliant" maneuver, managed a group of soldiers to surprise a group of demonstrators standing on a hill watching, and stormed them whilst shooting rubber coated steel bullets directly at the fleeing demonstrators. This new method of crowd control leaded to two injuries – on young boy hit in his head with a rubber bullet, and one of the paramedics in his leg. Furthermore, one of the demonstrators failed to escape the storming soldiers and was arrested by them. Only till sunset did the last confrontations fade away."


"Support the struggle against the occupation- Support the “Shministim” We ask you to help us to arrange demonstrations that will take place simultaneously in different locations, including the one that will be in Israel when Or is in jail.
The demo will take place on January 9th.
We suggest non-violent protest in front of Israeli embassies and consulates in different places around the world.
If you would like to arrange such a demo, or if you know someone who will, please contact
We'll be happy to answer your questions and help you to organize."


"There will probably be a tree planting day on Saturday at Saffa. if you can come please let me know. The more people we have the faster it will go."

On Saturday morning 20 Ta'ayush and anarchist activists participated in the planting of trees in the rarely accessible lands.


demo at Sheikh Jarrah Dec. 25. 2009

Arrests and vandalism at Sheikh Jarrah 12/28/2009

12/28/2009 Parade to Sheikh Jarrah

Weekly Protest March from the Mashbir plaza to Sheikh Jarrah 1-1-10 Join a march from West to East Jerusalem in protest of the injustice committed against the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. The march will end in Sheikh Jarrah with a protest against the settler enterprise in the neighborhood and the suppression of the Palestinian opposition.

The march will start Friday at 13:30
from the Mashbir plaza, on the corner of King George and Ben Yehudah
To a demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah that will begin at 15:00

AAtW people continued to the demo after the Friday demonstrations in Bil'in and Ma'asara.

Few hundreds participated in the march and the meeting in the main street of the neighborhood. The state forces prevented the demonstration in the street the transfer is progressing. After the demo finished few walked to the forbidden street.

Sheikh Jarrah 1-1-2010

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