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Palestine-Israel, In spite of Israeli state escalation of settler colonialism the joint struggle expand.

This weekend the Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative were involved in even more struggles in more locations that become regular fronts: Beit Jalla, Bait Omar, Bil'in, Jeb Altheeb, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Sheikh Jarrah. The state forces continued half heartedly to prevent the access of demonstrators to come to Bil'in and Ni'ilin but failed. Many activists continued from the noon demonstrations to the one at Sheikh Jarrah. Last night (Monday early morning) at 02:00 AM, state forces entered the village. Many copies of a document was posted around the whole village. This document declared that Israeli and international activists were strictly prohibited from entering Bil'in between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm on every Friday, the day in which the weekly demonstration takes place.


This Thursday, 11.3.10 there will be a demo in Beit Jala.

Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals met in Beit Jallah this morning to rebuild a playground that bulldozers destroyed last week while clearing the path to complete the wall near Bethlehem. 12 people armed only with pick axes and hoes, flattened out the bulldozer tracks and deep holes left from uprooted trees, reset two swing sets, and brought in sand by the bucket for the new playground. Young olive trees were replanted in place of the mature trees that were destroyed during the first days of uprooting last week. The playground is used by many of the neighborhood children, and the family who owns the land welcomes people to enjoy the shade next to their home in the heat of the summer. As people worked in the sun today, army jeeps made rounds on the road above the home, and stood watch from the road on the opposing side of the highway. One jeep came down to the playground, but people continued their work as soldiers took pictures and asked for the Palestinian participants identification cards.

video of Beit Jala actions 03/08/2010 10:18 AM

There will be another demo in beit jalah tomorrow (Sunday).

There will be an action in Beit Jalah this Thursday 11-03-10


Bait Omar on Saturday and tree planting near maasara on Saturday as well
Three Protesters and a Journalist Arrested During Beit Ummar Demonstration

Dozens of residents of Beit Ummar, accompanied by Israeli and international supporters, marched from the center of the village towards Road 60 that connects Jerusalem with Hebron this morning. The procession was attacked as soon as the large contingent of soldiers, which was positioned at the entrance to the village to to fend off demonstrators, noticed the marchers and without provocation.

Demonstrators continued to advance towards the road despite the attack, and managed to block it for almost an hour in response to the Army's aggressiveness, for the second time in two weeks. Two Israeli activists were arrested soon after protesters took over the road, and were taken to the Kiryat Arba police station. When demonstrators were not deterred by the initial violence, soldiers continued to target people holding a camera, arresting an AP cameraman, Nasser Shyouhi, and breaking numerous cameras. Youssef Abu Marya, the coordinator of the Beit Ummar National committee, the group that organized the protest today was also arrested.

After finally dispersing the demonstrators, who remained peaceful despite the attack on them, the Army invaded the town in large forces. Soldiers occupied at least one house in the village without showing its owner a seizure order as required by law. Following the aggressive invasion, clashes ensued between local youth who tried to ward off the incursion by throwing stones at the armored jeeps, and between soldiers who used tear-gas, stun grenades and rubber-coated bullets.

Beit Ummar is located eleven kilometers northwest of West Bank city of Hebron and is home to roughly 14,500 people.

Peaceful action broken up by Israeli Occupation Forces violence


Some 25 Israelis, over 30 internationals, Palestinian supporters, a DFLP delegation and the Palestinian Minister of Culture joined Bil'in locals for the weekly demonstration against the wall. Demonstrators carried posters of Tristan Anderson, who was hit in his head a year ago by a gas canister in Ni'lin, and is still in critical condition.

This time the army decided to set a "honey trap" for the protesters. The gates in the fence were left open for them to charge through, while soldiers without protective gear (so they can run faster) hid on the Palestinian side of the fence, waiting to charge the protesters from behind and make arrests. The local shabab, however, quickly picked up the soldiers in hiding, and stormed forward despite the showers of gas canisters and rubber bullets that injured two youths. The soldiers retreated back behind the fence, and the shabab celebrated by charging to the fence. Soon enough, the organizers took over, restrained the local youth, and led some 30 protesters to the fence for a peaceful demonstration. As the wind was favorable and the soldiers slightly less trigger happy than usual, an Israeli recovered ex-soldier took advantage of the opportunity to preach to the soldiers, urging them to recognize their exploitation by Israeli politicians and contractors and to cross over and join the Palestinians demonstrating against occupation.


A strange night raid in Bil'in

At 2 AM on this night, Bil'in was once again raided by the Israeli Army. A document was posted around the whole village of Bil'in. This document declared that Israeli and international activists were strictly prohibited from entering Bil'in between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm on every Friday, the day in which the weekly demonstration takes place. Every Israeli and international activist must leave the village during this time, or else he or she will be deported or arrested by Israeli soldiers. The head of the police, Benjamin, ordered that this action be taken. The permit declares Bil'in to be a closed military area until August 17th. This is an attempt to stop Israeli and international activists from supporting the popular struggle of Bil'in, and is therefore just another action to repress and destroy the village's resistance against the occupation and also against the annexation of it's land.

Also, earlier in the day, Iyad Burnat, the head of the Popular Committee, received a phone call by the 'shabak.' He was ordered to report to an office tomorrow for questioning.


20 people joined the Bethlehem Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in what has become a weekly work-day in Jeb Altheeb. Last week the group of Palestinians, Israeli, and International activists build a rock wall to mark the boundaries of the farmers land near the road. Settlers destroyed the wall during the week, but it was rebuilt today. Neither army nor settlers were present.

Jeb Altheeb is a small village south-east of Bethlehem (near Herodion) which is flanked by the Nokdim settlement (where Avigdor Liebermann lives). Since around 5 years, the village is directly neighbored by an outpost with seven settlers who are continuing to curb the ongoing dispossession of the village's land. In recent weeks, the settlers have prevented the farmers and shepherds from working on the remaining land of the village and grazing their sheep.

In the last few weeks lawyers were brought to the village and confirmed the legal right of the villagers to the land and its use, and a court case will be opened. Nonetheless, settlers frequently appear and harass as soon as farmers and shepherds try to work on their remaining lands.


A smaller than usual weekly demonstration in Ma'asara, no more than fifty people strong (of different nationalities), was met after marching in the heavy heat through the village streets by a larger than usual combined army and border police force. Soldiers set up near the first houses of the village, deeper than ever before, and prevented the demonstration from proceeding towards the village lands.

After giving speeches in Arabic, English and Hebrew, a small group of demonstrators went through the barbed wire set on the road, and was pushed by the soldiers who also threatened activists will be arrested as the area is a closed military zone. Demonstrators on both sides sat on the ground, beat drums, sang songs, and called upon the soldiers to abandon the oppression of the popular struggle and join it in stead. The soldiers, already with stun and tear gas grenades at hand, were somewhat taken aback faced with this act of non-violent resistance and the many cameras documenting all over the place. And so, with nobody arrested and no attack on the demonstrators, activists eventually decided to leave willingly and escape the burning sun, promising to return next week as well.


This week's demonstration at Nabi Saleh faced severe repression. Even before the march from the village started, some activists tried to talk soldiers out from staying on one of the hills of the village and serving an occupying army. The soldiers responded with violence, throwing stun grenade directly at activists' feet.

Around 80 Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians, Israelis and internationals participated in this week's demonstration against the crippling occupation and the Halamish settlement's annexation and destruction of a growing amount of land and resources from the village. The march from the village encountered immediate attack by the army, deep inside the village's main street, as the march was just forming. The army invaded the village and shot barrages of tear gas canisters through a cannon at the marching protesters and effectively almost the entire village population. It then continued the assault shooting rubber coated bullets indiscriminately at protesters. As the protesters gathered back, the army once again used its cannon to shot barrages of tear gas canisters on the entire village.

Eventually protesters did manage to take the demonstration to various directions, some of them outside the village's populated area. One group went on a hill top of one the village's springs, where settlers defiantly swam and stayed around. As a result of the approaching protesters, witnessing the scene from a safe distant, the army very kindly managed to convince the settlers to leave the area, and against those who refused - it persisted in verbal anti-Jewish dispersing techniques. The settlers than moved to another spring, the one threatened by growing annexation of the settlement, but were again asked kindly to leave by the army, who on the other hand, shot some tear gas canisters at two of the witnessing protesters who descended closer down the hill. The group then proceeded to join other scenes of protest.

Up until sunset protesters refused to disperse and re-gathered again and again in protest, some of them throwing stones to push back the attacking army, others just standing peacefully against the armed-to-the-top soldiers, documenting, or taking care of more than a dozen of wounded from the army's aggression.

Friday 12.3.2010 Nabi Saleh video at


Hundreds of people from the town and surrounding villages of Ni’lin gathered on the threatened land, where they affirmed the need to resist the aggressive policies of occupation. Villagers were accompanied by their animals, a symbol of their age old connection with the land that they have farmed for generations. Images and posters of Tristan Anderson were prevalent, the American ISM activist now in a coma after being struck with a tear gas canister during a demonstration.

Nil’in resident Salah Amira and an unnamed Israeli activist were arrested during clashes that lasted late into the afternoon. Israeli soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd, but no serious injuries were reported.

Press Release: Family Appeals Decision to Close Investigation on Shooting of US Citizen Tristan Anderson

Two Arrested During Demonstration
Ni'ilin demo - 12-3-2010


The mass protest that took place last Saturday was a huge success and constituted a breakthrough for the struggle in Sheikh Jarrah. But the struggle over the neighborhood is far from over. During the last week the settlers and their political supporters have been attempting to take over the street and set facts on the ground. On Tuesday the deputy Mayor David Hadari toured the street of the disputed houses, and declared that "this neighborhood is 'Simon the Righteous' not Sheikh Jarrah", and that he intends to open a municipality office in the neighborhood.

Come again this week to stand in solidarity with the residents of Sheikh Jarrah! The march will start Friday at 14:00

from the Mashbir plaza, on the corner of King George and Ben Yehudah to a demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah in which begin at 15:30

Friday, Around 200 protestors marched from Hamashbir square, without letting offensive and fascist remarks from passersby to interrupt them along the way. 50 others joined them when they got to Sheikh Jarrah. High presence of Yassam (Police Special Patrol Unit) in the area was noted. The protestors tried to make their way to the house of one of the evicted families, where they intended to hold a protest vigil. They were blocked by police-officers that decreed the protest illegal. After several minutes of negotiation, the officers, breaking supreme and district court rulings, started to forcefully shove the protestors to the other side of the road, arresting two of them in the process. Moving the demonstration to the garden didn't suffice to the police officers, and they maintained their violent attacks on the protestors. Later on, small groups of demonstrators that made their way back to the family house, also were brutally dispersed, some of their members arrested, as well. In total, 11 activists were illegally arrested during the demonstration. After a few hours, all of them were released, after signing a restraining order for 15 days from the neighborhood, which is currently under discussion in the district court.

Meanwhile in the neighborhood, after the demonstration dispersed, settlers violently assaulted the Palestinian dwellers and Israeli activists that remained in place. The settlers threw stones at people and cars, some of which were damaged. Needless to say that none of them was detained or arrested.

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