Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel, The Anrarchist Against the Wall and the Israeli radical left demonstrated today in solidarity with the flotilla to Gaza

We new it will not be nice, but we could not guess how brutal and mindless it will be. We planed and prepared during the weeks and when the time was known - we prepared for a reciprocal actions. The surprise and the shock we experienced when got the news on the piracy on the high sea of Israel - in international water - about 150 kilometer from the shore of Gaza. Israel did its "best" to prevent a day time confrontation with the solidarity flotilla at the sea gates of Gaza that will get lot of media attention. However, the middle of the night horrendous military fiasco was for all to see in both the international and Israeli media. During the night, we got the sad news about the murdered and injured comrades and the radical left was mobilized according to that.

About 200 activists - mainly of coalition for solidarity with Gaza - the AAtW are part of converged at Ashdod - on the shore near the entrance of ships to the harbor.

The state forces harassed on the roads part of the comrades on the way to the demonstration, but all succeeded to arrive.

We held placards and banners, and chanted for hours... and saw few of the kidnapped vessels brought to the port.

At the evening, there were three mass demonstrations in Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv.

In Tel Aviv, a surprisingly big mass demonstration of about two thousands participants converged in front of the war ministry compound, including some of the Zionist left.

For about two hours we expressed our indignation and anger towards the Israeli state.
After a while, we converged with our redNblack flags and drums circles at the edge of the crowd and chanted our non diluted slogans.

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