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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle is no more "news" and the number of locals of it expand

Seven years of persistent and expanding joint struggle of Palestinian grass root community activists and the Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative in the Israeli, Palestinian, and international media changed it from a curious Phenomena to an obvious one. The too mild involvement of the Israeli radical left the start of the AAtW initiative was a reaction to... is responding too with expanding and intensifying its struggles. The Israeli state which invested lot of efforts in the past to repress the joint struggle seems to resign to mild efforts to contain it - and more so after the Gaza flotilla scandal that increased immensely the number of international activists coming to participate in the joint struggle.


Growing chances of another round of demolitions in El-Arkib tomorrow early in the morning.
For more details you can contact H.

People are asked to come for the night, please contact asap if you can.
10.8.10 05:00 at the morning the Israeli state forces destroyed the village for the third time.

Video of destruction in Al-Araqib village in the Negev

demo and demolition 9-10.8.2010

We are all El-Araqib

While Sheikh Sayah and two of his sons are waiting at the Beer Sheva courthouse, awaiting the hearing on their appeal against the government's demand that they be denied access to their village El-Araqib,

The El-Araqib village committee and the organizations supporting recognition and justice invite you to the - Weekly Protest: Against the repetitive demolition and the -three times over- attempted erasure of the Unrecognized Bedouin village of El-Araqib

Tomorrow, Monday, August 16th, at 5:00pm At Lehavim/ Rahat junction

Stop the Policies of Demolitions and Expulsion!

Commence recognition of villages and land rights!

Commence policies of Justice and Equality!

For more information: H.


Two dozens Israelis of the AAtW initiative joined about 40 internationals, people of the village and a contingent from Ramalla to the Friday demonstration.

In spite of Summer and Ramadan day time fasting, the march was lively as usual.

The changed repression strategy was expressed with open roads to Bil'in and no efforts to arrest demonstrators out of the village who did not obey the closed military zone order.

They just blocked our way to the gate of the separation fence about 100 meter from it with their line of bodies and threats.

Even the "mandatory" tear gas shooting was moderate.

Hebron - Al Halil

August 10 Evictions -- On August 10, 2010 the Israeli army forcibly evicted the owners of three shops in front of Bab Al-Baladiyah in Hebron, welding the doors of the shops closed so that the owners would no longer be able to use them. The only conceivable reason for these closures is retaliation for the 100% non-violent protests that Youth Against Settlements has been holding weekly in front of Bab Al-Balidiyah protesting the apartheid conditions imposed on Hebron by the Israeli army.

Several activists were detained for refusing to move from the shops, and two of them, Badia Dwaik and Tamer Al-Atrash, have been held for 3 days in military prison. Youth Against Settlements calls for donations and support:

Saturday August 14, 2010 --- Following a week of collective punishment measures against the weekly demo in Hebron (see below), the demo itself was also met with escalating Israeli army aggression. This time the entire area in front of the gates of the closed Shuhada street was shut down for any civilian movement. This resulted in increasing blocked by-passers watching the demonstrators standing, chanting and drumming in front of the soldiers. After a few minutes the army has announced the demo 'illegal', threatening to make arrests, and indeed soon enough the soldiers pushed back and attacked the non-violent demonstrators and arrested 2 Israelis and 3 internationals in the process. One of the internationals remained arrested over night, being charged with assault, and the rest were released a few hours later with 15 days restraint conditions.

5 arrestees in Hebron Saturday 14-8-10 demo - 2 Israeli's and 3 internationals on the grounds of; illegal assembly,disrupting a policemen in his work, and the Israelis also for supposedly entering area a.
Protesters say every week the army worsens the measures against demonstrators restricting their movement and using physical violence

22:00 "4 of us were released with 15 days restrictions from returning to Hebron.
Only one international guy is still there, he is charged with attacking a soldier."


Due to intense heat and the beginning of the Muslim month of Ramadan, this week's Ma'asara demonstration was attended by no more than 13 Palestinians and two Israelis. These were, however, joined by more than sixty international activists.

Demonstrators marched from the center of the village towards the lands stolen by the fence, until encountering soldiers who blocked the road. The soldiers declared the area a closed military zone, and the villagers declared it was a freed Palestinian zone. After some twenty minutes of speeches and slogans, soldiers attacked with stun grenades, and the demonstrators retreated a bit. The soldiers then took to their jeeps and stormed away, allowing the demonstrators to march forward and celebrate a small victory. The demonstration then ended, and all returned to the village.

An Nabi Salih
Friday demo, soldiers fired tear gas bombs directly at the protesters and then chased them back to the village, Mohamed Al Tamimi, a local organizer reported.

Friday 13.8.2010 video at


In Nil'in, Friday 13.8.2010, Protesters reached the gate of the wall before soldiers attacked them with tear gas and sound bombs. Troops also beat up some protesters after following them back to the village, local sources reported.
Soldiers chased demonstrators and threw tear gas canisters at them. Clashes broke out, protest organizers said, as demonstrators responded to the violence by throwing stones.

Sheikh Jarah

Due to the beginning of the month of Ramadan, and in order not to make it difficult for protesters of all persuasions under the blazing sun on Friday afternoon,

The Sheikh Jarah protest and solidarity vigils will be moved to Saturday nights throughout this coming month only!

Protest Vigil in Sheikh Jarah
Saturday, 14/8/10, 20:30, at the houses compound - Ben Affan street

For additional details:

Tel Aviv

Marching against the deportation of 400 children of guest workers and their families...
On this Saturday, August 14th 7pm, we will gather on Rothschild blvd. and Mazeh street and will march via Ben-Zion blvd. to Meir garden (Gan Meir) for a demonstration
Media reported on 2000 participants.

Wad Rahhal

This Thursday we will be joining our friends from Wad Rahhal for agricultural works in the village, at 16:30. If you wish to participate please contact D.


"The village of al-walaje - south of Jerusalem/ North Bethlehem district- is experiencing an upward momentum in its struggle against the separation barrier

A big demonstrations planned on this Friday and the one after with the intention of it being led by the children in a march with drums and big carnival dolls in the likes of an event held in Dahmash a month ago.

We are going to use the infrastructure of the summer camp that ended a week ago and was led by volunteers from the village.

we need people from outside- both people who can drums/ build dolls and people who can just help organize and work with the kids, preferably in the next days, but also through out next week.

For detail contact y."

"The al-walaje popular committee for the struggle against the wall

yasamba-rhythm of resistance

invite you to Friday 12.8 demo against the separation wall being constructed around the village

Friday 12.8.10 13:00

100 people including villagers of all ages gathered in the village
13:00 and upon the conclusion of the noon prayer marched towards the
concrete separation wall built 2 weeks ago 5 meters from the houses of
the village to the beat of a large drumming band calling
"1234occupation no more 5678stop the stealing stop the hate.""the wall
will fall" etc.
the mass marched along the wall towards the entrance to the village.
on the other side of the road there was the gate of the settlement
Har-Gilo and 40 soldiers standing between in two lines. the crowd
stopped 70 meters before the settlement gate and the soldiers. they
stood there and continued calling in coordination with the drums.
after 15min an officer approached demanded that the crowג disperse and
then arrested Ali, an organizer from the village who stood in the
front holding a loud speaker, they started blowing stun bombs amidst
the crowd and shooting tear gas all around the village including
inside houses, the children-that often talk about their fear from the
army- ran in panic with traumatic memories and stories obviously

the soldiers started pushing the crowd aggressively and when some
people pushed back they started kicking, one villager run to his
adjacent house chased by soldiers who even hurled a large rock to stop
his fleeing.

they gathered around his house and didn't let anyone get close, pushed
the pleading family members aside aggressively and took the young man,
the officer urging one of the soldiers to identify him and say he
pushed soldiers.

they continued shooting stun and tear grenade even when the crowd
dispersed and was walking away into the village for an hour.
in no point was there stone throwing or any type of violence on the
protesters side

Video here:
photos-last 6 here

two palestinians violently arrested, one of them from his house in an
nonviolent demo in al-walaje that was met with stun and tear gas
grenades and direct violence from the Israeli Army including throwing
rocks. the two were released at 19:00 without conditions

Nissim Mossek video

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