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Palestine-Israel, The nearing of the September UN show down and the Israeli social justice struggle

The joint struggle in the occupied west bank continue on the back ground of the wide spread social justice struggle in Israel. The "Olive Revolution" was expressed mainly in Friday demonstration in Qalandiya. The anarchists against the wall and village activists of Ni'ilin, Bil'in, Nabi Saleh converged in Qalandiya instead of the usual local actions. In spite of it the Bil'in Friday demo was not canceled. The other struggles in South of Hebron Hills and the Saturday actions in Walaja and Beit Ummar were not missed. The ferment and struggle against settler project in eastern Jerusalem occupied Silwan continue too. The social justice struggle in Israel include also the Palestinian citizens of the "mixed" towns and the Palestinian ones.

Beit Ummar


This week, the Bil'in demonstration was in question because of the demo in Kalandiya, but never the less people insisted and 12 Israelis came to the village. A small demo was composed with village activists who had not travel to Qalandiya. We marched chanting to the new separation wall.
Then few kids decided to practice their long distance aim and threw snots on the Israeli state force hiding behind the wall. In return, the soldiers decided to practice shooting gas at the demonstrators sitting peacefully way behind under the oak trees, and soon after everyone returned to the village.

Jerusalem Al-Kuds

This Thursday, August 25, Silwan:
Boycott the Occupation --
Say No to Settlement-Sponsored Cultural Events!
Following the successful demonstration last week -
We're returning to protest against Shlomo Bar's concert at the 'City of David' settlement
Join us this Thursday, August 25, at 8:30 PM
in the struggle against the injustices of repression
and occupation in Silwan

Knocking on doors Olive Revolution

The Qalandiya Friday protest has ended for the day with a number of injuries and the arrest of 2 men from billin Bassel Mansour a member of the People's Committee in bilin and Ashraf Abu-Rahma, they arrested on the Qalandia checkpoint.‬

Hi all, this Friday we'll have 4 destinations as part of 'knocking on doors of
Jerusalem' campaign: Shuafat , Diddu, Qalandia , and Bethlehem.

For more information check the event on facebook:

and on their website:

Bil'in villagers Ashraf Abu Rahmah and Basel Mansour describe the circumstances of their arrest at the Olive Revolution protest at the Qalandia Checkpoint an...
planxtysumoud II.
Activists and supporters of the Olive Revolution (popular revolution and national humanitarian non-armed revolution against the Israeli occupation)
planxtysumoud I. Arrest of the Bil'iners Basal and Ashraf
By Michael Treiger Marching to Jerusalem from Qalandiya checkpoint
Israel Puterman


Al Walaja

Saturday 27-08-2011

"Yesterday for 3 hours, we had a standoff with Israeli soldiers who tried to
prevent us from demonstrating. This demonstration on Saturday was the first
after the Israeli court ruling legitimizes the theft of Al-Walaja land. The
soldiers tried to stop the demonstrators with an outdated military order in
Hebrew dated August 26, 2011. After this act of deceit was caught, the
soldiers quickly produced a new military order but it too was no good
carrying a date of August 28, 2011, a day after the demonstration. The
Israeli apartheid soldiers tried to prevent us but we got close to the
illegal colony of Har Gilo. Four Israeli human rights advocates and one
Palestinian who were merely expressing opinions were abducted."
video here

Several activists, photojournalists (two from Reuters and one each from Ma'an and AFP) were arrested during nonviolent march in Walajeh, near Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. Images by: Anne Paq/ and Al Magdela, Palestinian activist / documenter out of Jerusalem Posted by Richard
By: International communities against Israel (2)
Demonstration against the Wall in Al Walaja, 27.08.2011

A group of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals demonstrate in front of Har Gilo settlement in the village of Al Walaja following this week decision of the Israeli Supreme Court to reject petition of Al Walaja residents to change the route of the Wall, The march to the settlement:

South of Hebron Hills

This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.

This coming Saturday, August 27, we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.

For details and registration: Li 054-xxxxxxx or e-mail your name and phone number Please make an effort to register no later then 6:00 PM Friday, so we can prepare a place for all of you

Please be sure to bring an ID/passport, hat and water and don t forget to dress modestly (no shorts or sleeveless shirts) despite the heat.

Eleven were arrested and spend the night in prison.

Social Justice Struggle

By Lior Ben Eliahu Jaffa Kalansawa+
Haim Schwarczenberg
Israel's social justice activists squat in a second Tel Aviv building By Claudia Levin

Oren Ziv

Squat actions by Israel Puterman

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