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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle try to accelerate the turning speed of the wheels of history...

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle try to accelerate the turning speed of the wheels of history...

Some time the persistence (Tsumud) is the main aspect of the struggle against the mighty enemies. Some times, small successes improve the feelings of the involved. Such seems to be the joining of the Qadum village to the list of joint struggle of local popular struggle activists and the Israeli anarchists against the wall. During the years we were invited and participated there in activities but only lately it ripened to the level of Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Ma'asarah, Beit Ummar, Sheikh Jarrah, and Nabi Saleh. The expansion of the joint struggle start to light red lamps on the Israeli dash board and the anarchists are mentioned more and more as an enemy that needs a harsh treatment... even if it will damage the farcical/phoney image of Israeli democracy.

Beit Ummar
Saturday 31.12.11
Chen Misgav http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150558039886803.430408.770301802


Around 15 Israelis and 10 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in for the return of the village's stolen lands and for freedom to all between the river and the sea. Santa, who should have already gone back to the north pole, made a surprise appearance, perhaps because he was denied the right to leave Palestine, like photo-journalist Moheeb Bargotiuy (nearly always in the Friday Bil'in non violent demo) who was supposed to attend an exhibition of his work in Beirut, and was denied the right to leave Palestine (the official reason for the ban on Moheeb's travel was suspected cooperation with the Hizbullah; Moheeb, however, is strongly committed to nonviolence and does not even sympathize with the Hizbullah). When the protesters approached the wall, the air was already filled with the smell of tear gas. The protesters marched upwind along the wall to the northern gate under a relatively mild attack of tear gas, and demanded to be let through to their lands. The shabab responded in a way that one may term "proportional", if one were to adopt Israeli jargon. After a while we heard a cry for medical assistance from the southern stretch of the fence, where one protester was injured by gas. The shabab were holding their ground there through a somewhat more intense confrontation that lasted for about two hours, until they finally managed to lure the soldiers to cross the wall and chase them as far as the old wall, where the soldiers' own gas screen curbed their efforts.
Haitham Al Khatib http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2740627467850.137898.1022320161
haithmkatib http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDwAwSiZaKg


There will be a demo in Kfar a-Dik If you can make it please let me know.
Friday, Soldiers have just stopped protesters in Kufer al-Dik from praying on their land, on which Israel plans to build a new settlement.


Eviction Danger in Sheikh Jarrah Yet Again!
Resume the march to Sheikh Jarrah
Join us this Friday, December 30th, at 1pm from the Mashbir square, King George Street, Jerusalem. Together we will walk to Sheikh Jarrah, protesting against the pending eviction. Join us after that at the weekly demonstration, 3pm at the Sheikh-Jarrah garden, Demascus Road (near the American Colony), together with the residents of Sheikh-Jarrah

On Friday afternoon 30/11/11 the Israelis and Palestinians activists resumed to march downtown neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah protest against the evacuation of homes and occupation of East Jerusalem, the march was not violent and was relatively calm, protestors hijacked swearing and spitting as they paced the Jerusalem pedestrian mall, demonstrators chanted slogans against the occupation and evacuation of houses, and distributed flayers, we arrived about three o'clock in the entrance to Sheikh Jarrah and from there we walked into the neighborhood to the homes of the stolen express solidarity with the evicted families and to protest against the takeover of the settlers on the houses, one of the houses were trying settlers tear us the poor dogs their. We will continue to protest until they returned to their home Palestinians families

A-Tur Tour: Launching new campaign in East-Jerusalem --- The residents of A-Tur and Issawiya have, for years, been struggling for the right to develop and expand their neighborhoods, on land that is privately owned- by them. But the State of Israel has chosen not to allow them to build, even on their own land.
Every one of the neighborhoods presented zoning plans, whose preparations costed the residents hundreds of thousands of shekels out of their own pockets, and yet the plans were never even discussed by the Israeli authorities.
Instead of allowing the residents of these neighborhoods to build schools, houses and public spaces, the State of Israel, along with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, to declare a new "National Park" on the last remaining land reserves in East Jerusalem.
Now the residents of A-Tur and Issawiya have decided, despite attempts to scare them into submission, to begin a public struggle for their rights to build on their own land. As a first step, Solidarity, along with the popular committees in the area, invites you to a tour of the new "National Park." Come to listen, to enjoy from the "wonders of nature" in the area, and to help plan the next step in the struggle.
We will meet on Saturday, 12.31.11

Walking Against the Occupation and evacuation 30.12.2011
Guy Butavia http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150503665042138.393672.779192137
Tal King http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150444838123244.360641.642813243
picaresque21 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gas9p4pVNC8
Mario Savio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYaT-A_0KBc
Sheikh Jarrah demo march http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31s1l0fAhVc
guybo111 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MkU8peGCS8

Kufer al-Dik:

Protesters marching in Kufer al-Dik against the construction of a new settlement on their lands. Soldiers have just stopped protesters in Kufer al-Dik from praying on their land, on which Israel plans to build a new settlement.
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=337655032911474 http://t.co/D3blueQH


Activists in al Maasara near Bethlehem are reporting that two people - 1 Palestinian and 1 international have been arrested in the Friday weekly demonstration.
Tal King http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150442482858244&set=oa.283576991689822

Nabi Saleh

This Friday Nabi Saleh Marks 3 Years to the Gaza Massacre
Activists reporting that IOF have already mobilized 2 gas canister launchers, 1 bulldozer, 1 skunk trunk & many military jeeps and soldiers and arrested two internationals even though the demonstration has not started yet. According to Linah Alsaafin the kidnapped internationals are being charged with disobeying orders. They kept running when ordered to stop by IOF....
Protesters in Nabi Saleh are marching today with balloons dedicated to the victims of Operation Cast Lead.
The same toxic US Made tear gas, Yellow and a little greenish, that is used at #Bahrain is used now at #NabiSaleh

"Dozens participated in this week's demonstration in Nabi Saleh, marking 3 years to the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, killing over 1400 Palestinians. Nabi Saleh residents, other Palestinians, and international and Israeli supporters marched peacefully from the center of the village.
As always, a peaceful procession met with Israeli aggression. The Israeli forces used their “skunk” foul-water cannon against non-violent demonstrators. Once the demonstrators chose a different path, where the “skunk” couldn't reach them, tear gas canisters were shot at them. This did not deter the demonstrators who kept going towards the village's spring and other lands that Halamish settlers have annexed or are attempting to annex. Some demonstrators kept going and got close to the other Palestinian village Halamish has grabbed land from - Deir Nidham. As kids from Deir Nidham watched from beyond the main road, over six Israeli military vehicles and dozens of soldiers crowded the road. Masses of tear gas canisters were shot, including directly at demonstrators, from a close range.
The demonstration kept going until sundown, in several locations. Some people hurled stones to ward off the army incursion. Several people were injured from directly shot canisters and tear gas inhalation. Even before the demo has started, Israeli forces raided the village and arrested two international activists. Towards the day's end, the Israeli army took over the main road of the village, leading to Ramallah, and asked every car for identification of its passengers. Two Palestinians were taken out of service taxis going through this ad hoc checkpoint. They were arrested on suspicion of participating in the demo and beaten up by the Israeli soldiers."

tamimi1966 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiksUn--0ZU
Haim Schwarczenberg http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3017924406436.2156296.1212414101


Paying the Price: Ni'ilin Commemorates its Martyrs

The village of Ni'ilin maintains weekly protest despite the heavy price. This week, the village marked three years to the killing of Mohammed Khawaje and Arafat Khawaje.
Volleys of tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and live ammunition is how the Israeli Army met a small demonstration in remembrance of 2 martyrs, in Ni’lin today. Starting after Friday prayers approximately 25 Palestinians and few Israeli and internationals made their way from the village through olive groves to the Apartheid Wall to commemorate the murder of Mohammed Khawaje and Arafat Khawaje on the 28th December 2008. Mohammed was shot in the forehead with live ammunition and Arafat was fatally shot in the back when attempting to rescue another villager who had been shot by an Israeli sniper.
The protest was immediately greeted with the full arsenal of the weapons available to the Israeli military. There was nearly as many heavily armed soldiers as demonstrators. A Palestinian demonstrator pleaded through a megaphone in a fog of tear gas for the soldiers to “Stay Human.” The reply was a callous round of live ammunition fired at the demonstration. As the demo drew to a close, an armored Humvee packed with soldiers taunted the protest before a final set of shots were fired.
Ni’lin has been holding these weekly demonstrations since the Apartheid Wall was first planned. The Wall has annexed over 30% of the land of Ni’lin and has cost the lives of 5 martyrs. The protest continues weekly.


Anarchists Against the Wall Join The struggle in Qadum

They also have weekly demos in Qadum and we have been invited. If you can make it please let me know. k/
http://www.awalls.org/anarchists_join_the_struggle_in_qadum 18/12/2011 The Village of Qadum is located in the center of the West Bank near the Nablus. Since 1975 the settlement of Kdumim has been expanding on their lands. The village was subjected to the usual array of abuses and attacks from their new uninvited neighbors. 9 years ago the only exit from the village was blocked by the army. The reason is probably that the settlers wanted to connect two settlements on both sides of the road and did not want Palestinian traffic close to their houses.
Year of litigation and political efforts did not help and on July 1st 2011 the village launched a popular struggle to demand the reopening of road. Since then the people of Qadum have had large demonstrations every week. They have invited international and Israeli supporters and AATW have have came several times over the last months. Last week a group of AATW activists committed to coming to support the demonstrations every week. This would be the 6th village that AATW will be supporting on a long term basis at weekly demonstrations.

Protest in Qadum, December, 30, 2011 -- Kufr Qaddum Demonstrators Force Israeli Army to Withdraw

Some 200 demonstrators joined the weekly protest against land grab and for freedom of movement in the village of Kufr Qaddum. Residents of the village, joined by a solidarity delegation from Bil'in and Israeli and international activists, made their way to the main road of the village that had been blocked by the army for the past 9 years. Many youth, as well as a local DJ joined the protest, making the demonstration into an especially lively event.

The village has been effectively besieged since the beginning of the Second Intifada, when the main and only entrance to the village was blocked by the army. Furthermore, settlers of the adjacent settlement Kedumin have been long taking over privately owned Palestinian land in a manner that even the Israeli civil Administration called "theft"
The army awaited the demonstrators on the main road, stretching barbed wire across the path and firing tear-gas projectiles towards the crowd. Clashes began to erupt between the local youth and the army, which persisted for about two hours. After making an attempt to move forward, the army finally left the village, leading the protesters to embark on a spontaneous "victory march" back into the village.

Picture Credit: Ann Paq/Activestills at:
yisraelpnm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBT6XgJ_9wY


Demonstration, Dec. 30, 2011: http://on.fb.me/s2mWxu

Southern Hebron Hills

31.12.2011 Guy Butavia http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150507539992138.394459.779192137


Don’t say we did not know #292

On Wednesday, 21st December, 2011, government representatives, accompanied by police forces, demolished five homes in the Bedouin village ‘Atir in the Negev .

They then went on to demolish two homes near the village Umm Matnan, belonging to the ‘Amrani family.

Sixty people were made homeless.

Then they demolished El’Araqib, yet again.

* * * * * * * *

On Wednesday , 21st December, 2011, IDF forces went to the Palestinian village Kufr A-Diq (near Salfit) and demolished three agricultural structures and two water cisterns .

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