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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue on the background of the hesitating third Intifada

Israel state is in panic from the coming third Intifada. It did an overkill efforts to prevent a few hundred international activist from entering. While in media focus created by it, it had a big shame when Israeli colonel was on video showing brutal hitting of a Danish cyclist in a troop cycling in a demo along the Jordan river valley. The Bil'in seventh international conference was in the focus of the joint struggle not pushing aside the weekly joint demonstrations of the anarchists against the wall have with the popular comities of Beit Ummar, Bi'lin, Kufr A-Dik, Sheikh Jarrah, Al-Ma’sara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Kufr Qaddum, Walaje. Week after week, more than 50 Israelis activists are mobilized with the AAtW and more than 100 other Israeli radicals with various other initiatives are promoting popular struggle against occupation and hampering transfer.

Beit Ummar Saturday April 14 Contact K. at 054-2191547

A Palestinian protester confronts an Israeli soldier during a protest after Palestinians and peace activists were prevented by Israeli troops from reaching Palestinian lands in the West Bank village of Beit Omar near the Jewish settlement of Karmei Tzur on March 24, 2012. AFP PHOTO / HAZEM BADER (Photo credit should read HAZEM BADER/AFP/Getty Images) 2012 AFP


The seventh Bi'lin Conference on Popular Struggle culminated on Friday in a mass demonstration against the Wall and settlements. Demonstrators were able to reach the area between the fences and place a Palestinian flag on top of the Wall.

Hundreds of Palestinian activists, residents of Bil'in and international and about 30 Israeli allies of the AAtW joined the weekly protest in the village that has become one of the main symbols of popular struggle against Israeli apartheid. The protesters marched from conference site near the route of the removed separation fence towards the near by Abu Lamon grove, in the area returned to the village by court order after a long popular and legal struggle and the new wall beyond it. Protesters carried flags and banners of various political factions, demonstrating unity in struggle and commitment of popular movement. As the protesters reached the area near the Wall, the army started using tear-gas projectiles and the "skunk" – a foul-smelling water cannon, to disperse them. Some of the protesting youth answered military repression by throwing stones at the Wall and on the truck carrying the skunk. Clashes maintained for a few hours after which the demonstration ended peacefully. No injuries or arrests were reported.

Friday end of the 7th conference demonstration, Apr. 13, 2012
israel putermam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvRD2-ukwD8
haithmkatib http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2qQE537kr8

Kufr A-Dik Friday April 13 Contact Yuval at yxxxxxxx@gmail.com or 050-xxxxxxxx (SMS only)

Jerusalem - Sheikh Jarrah

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem.
They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them.
Please make the effort and join them this Friday, April 13


Friday demonstration, Apr. 13, 2012.
IDF waiting in the end of the village in big numbers.
A demonstration against the Wall also took place in the village of al-Ma'asara, where soldiers prevented the residents from reaching their lands. It ended peacefully, with no injuries or arrests reported. Many of the participants traveled to the near by Walaje for the special event of the Jenin Freedom Theater.

Nabi Saleh

16 Year Old Hit in the Eye by Tear-Gas Projectile in Nabi Saleh
The demonstration in Nabi Saleh this week was held in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike. In the past month, three children were hit in the face by tear-gas canisters during protests in the village, as the Israeli army continues to shoot canisters directly at protesters against its own open-fire regulations.

Dozens joined the weekly protests against the occupation and settlements in Nabi Saleh this week. The demonstration was held in solidarity with the growing protest movement of political prisoners inside Israeli prisons, in particular prisoners who have gone on open-ended hunger strikes to protests administrative detention. The demonstration commenced shortly after the Friday prayer and proceeded from the center of the village towards the spring that was confiscated by settlers of the adjacent Jewish only settlement of Halamish.
As demonstrators went down the hill, the army started shooting tear-gas canisters and rubber-coated bullets, and used the skunk – foul smelling water cannon, all with the aim of repressing the popular unarmed demonstration. Clashes soon erupted between the local youth and the soldiers. A 16 year-old Osama Tamimi was injured in the eye after a tear-gas canister was shot directly towards his face. Osama was evacuated to the hospital, not before the army held the ambulance at the checkpoint for some 20 minutes. Luckily, Osama did not lose sight in his injured eye and will likely to recover from this injury. This is the third event in four weeks in which children from Nabi Saleh are hit in the face by tear-gas projectiles and rubber-coated bullets. These injuries highlight a dangerous trend on part of the Israeli army, which shoots demonstrators in order to injure them, sometimes in violation of its own open-fire regulations which stipulates appropriate use of crowd dispersal weaponry. 8 other protesters were injured more lightly during the demonstration, which ended with sundown.

Manal writes: "Today is one of the worst day in Nabi SAleh , the Zionist aiming directly on protester , Osamah my son was shot in the head with tear gas canister near the eye , thank God he is OK , but our day is just begin"
Today's demo in #NabiSaleh is for hunger striking prisoners #BilalThiab & #ThaerHalahlah who are on Day 46 of their hunger strike protest against Administrative Detention.
Activists in Nabi Saleh are reporting on twitter that the Israeli military have deliberately delayed the evacuation of Manal Tamimi's 16 year old son who was hit in the head with a tear gas canister. Israeli activist activists are also reporting that they have also been also hit by teargas canisters -in the waist and torso.

8 people was injured today in the village , they shot two houses directly with tear gas , one of the houses were in fire the other one is my house the canister broke the glass and the house is full of tear gas .
Friday demonstration, Apr. 13, 2012
David Reeb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfqOrQdLgmE
tamimi1966 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9IcxK-jwjA


‎04.13.2012 Outbreak of clashes between the people of Ni'lin and the forces of occupation after Friday prayers near the confiscated land (lens: Hudhayfah ) Residents of Ni'ilin Demand Access to Lands Eye On Palestine http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.186270841395165.39182.185129341509315
Chen Misgav http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150805991491803.464975.770301802

Kufr Qaddum

Kfer Qaddum a West bank village located East of Qalqiliya started to organize regular demonstrations in July 2011 protesting against the blocking of the main road east of the village.
Friday 13/04/2012 -- ‎2 man running away from tear gas shot by Israeli army during the weekly demonstration http://www.flickr.com/photos/activestills/7074029959/in/photostream/
Haim Schwarczenberg http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3748869959618.2170589.1212414101


Jenin Freedom Theater Performs in al-Walajah On a mountain top that is soon to be cut off from the village of Al-Walajah, members of the renowned Freedom Theater from Jenin staged stories of resistance to Israel's occupation.

Freedom Theater Performing in al-Walajah.
Some 200 people, Palestinians from across the West Bank, Israeli and international activists, came to Al-Walajah this week to participate in a creative protest staged by the renowned Jenin Freedom Theater. The theaters crew has been touring around Palestinian sites of popular resistance in the past few months as part of their "Freedom Bus" project. In every site, the actors use "playback theater" techniques to tell the stories of local residents and their resistance to Israeli oppression. The performance in al-Walajah took place near one of the houses of the village that is effectively encircled by the separation Wall. To prevent this special event from taking place, the Israeli army blocked most of the entrances to the village. Nevertheless, most of the audience was able to make its way into the village, proving that in Palestine, despite repression, the show of resistance goes on.

Al-Walaja is an agrarian village of about 2,000 people, located south of Jerusalem and West of Bethlehem. Following the 1967 Occupation of the West Bank and the redrawing of the Jerusalem municipal boundaries, roughly half the village was annexed by Israel and included in the Jerusalem municipal area. The other village's residents, however did not receive Israeli residency or citizenship, and are considered illegal in their own homes.
Once completed, the path of the Wall is designed to encircle the village's built-up area entirely, separating the residents from Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and almost all their lands - roughly 5,000 dunams. Previously, Israeli authorities have already confiscated approximately half of the village's lands for the building of the Har Gilo and Gilo settlements, and closed off areas to the south and west of it. The town's inhabitants have also experienced the cutting down of fruit orchards and house demolition due to the absence of building permits in Area C.


Sunday 16.4 morning, at the recruiting center near Tel Aviv, a solidarity demo for Noam Gur and Alon Gurman who will submit an official refusal to military service.
16/4 Demonstration in support of Israeli refusers being imprisoned
16/4, 9 AM, in the entrance to the "Bakum" in Tel Hashomer military base
(Transportation will leave Arlozerov terminal, Tel Aviv, at 8:15, Register with N: 054xxxxxxxx, and from the Liberty bell garden in Jerusalem, at 7:45, Register with S: 054xxxxxxx - you may SMS as well)
Noam Gur and Alon Gurman will arrive, on Monday 16/4, to the enlistment office in Tel Hashomer military base, where they will declare their refusal to serve in the Israeli Army as it is an occupying power, and will be imprisoned time and time again for this refusal.
In his refusal declaration Alon wrote:
"My refusal to serve in the Israeli military, in addition to being a refusal to take part in occupation and apartheid, is an act of solidarity with our Palestinian friends living under Israeli regime, and struggle for liberty, justice and equality."
In her refusal declaration Noam wrote:
"I refuse to join an army that has, since it was established, been engaged in dominating another nation, in plundering and terrorizing a civilian population that is under its control."
Friends and supporters will join Alon and Noam to the base, and remind the young Israelis about to join the army, that the occupation still continues, that there are those who appose it, and that we must all act like Noam and Alon and refuse to take part in the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people.
For more information please contact Neta: n.
Guy Butavia http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150748459377138.428979.779192137

Ben Gurion airport

Sunday afternoon, welcome initiative for the social justice activists coming for activity in occupied Bethlehem - the Israeli state try to block. (Repeating last year action - the media keep repeating screening, Claiming they are all anarchist: both the social justice activists and the welcome action...)
Flytilla 2
photo: Yonatan Shapira among arrested Israelis at Ben Gurion. So far 30 French arrested, 6 of them on way to deportation. 4 Israelis arrested.
2 Israeli activists holding drawings made by Bethlehem children at TLV airport #AirFlotilla2 pic.twitter.com/hrqg9ljs
Every half hour news update 15:00 report that already 6 Israelis were arrested.
15:45 Already 9 Israeli arrested
‎1 more Israeli activist arrested. 2 detained. Total of 12
Israeli activist Ronnie Barkan was arrested yesterday at the airport while he was waiting to be interviewed on Israeli Channel Two. (Seen it in the TV news of Channel Two.)
Dozens of international activists were arrested in an international day of solidarity where 1500 activists tried to land in Israel's Ben Gurion Airport to travel to the occupied Palestinian territories.
yisraelpnm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C46AWybKSVo
Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbmzBwWRqSE

Social justice

Protest against the police violence - Jerusalem 09-04-2012 On 13 March at 11.00 p.m. Ovadia Ben Abraham, a veteran activist in the Jerusalem tent protest,
yisraelpnm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjKTJCyrkgI

Social justice (Occupy) Tel Aviv 07-04-2012

See http://awalls.org
See Previous reports about the joint struggles the Anarchists Against the Wall take part in at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com

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