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Palestine-Israel, Another week of struggle the media could not ignore.

One of the joint struggles we are involved in is the B.D.S. called for by long long ago by the Israeli anti authoritarian anti capitalists and adopted during the years by other Israeli activists and the Palestinian organizations. Last few years it collected momentum and though Madone did not respect it, she tried to co-opt it. The media gave space to the turning down of free tickets donated by Madonna to the more radical Israeli activists, and the state force preventing of two Palestinian activists from Ni'ilin joint struggle to attend. In addition to the joint demos and activities in the regular locations in the occupied Palestinian regions and within Israel, comrades were involved in the intensified struggle for the survival of African refugees victims to Israeli state repression and the extreme right insitement.

Madonna who refused to abid with the request of B.D.S. activist to boycot Israel, and start her international round starting in Israel, tried to clean her conscious by inviting 600 peace activists (including the Anarchists Against the Wall - AAtW) for free tickets. The AAtW refused publicly: "Our Palestinian friends and allies cannot attend the concert because they are living under policies of apartheid that prohibits their freedom of movement. We cannot accept this bribe, when our comrades are in administrative detentions, and in an open prison in Gaza, denied of basic human rights." Solidarity movement too refused to be bribed by Madonna.

Two Ni'ilin activists who received tickets to the concert were refused passage to the show, were stopped by apartheid regulations on the Way to Madonna's "Peace Concert":

Beit Ummar

Saturday June 2 weekly protest:
The Israeli occupation army attacking us, Beit ommar 2/6/2012
While we were trying to reach our land adjacent to Carmi Tsur colony built on the Beit Omar farmers land, about 40 of heavily armed Israeli occupation army blocked the way in front of us, attacked the protesters and prevented us from reaching our land. The protest was in solidarity with the Captive Sarsak and other prisoners who are still on hunger strike for 78 days in the Israeli occupation jails, Palestinians, more than 20 Scottish solidarity activists, and Israeli peace activists have joined this protest, its important to note that the colonists of Carmi Tsure have constructed about 50 more additional colonial housing units on the Beit Ommar farmers land.


Friday 1-6-12
At noon, about dozen Israelis, and dozen internationals joined few dozen people of the village in the 380th Friday demonstration against the separation fence/wall and occupation.
As it happen often, the Israeli state force bit the stone throwing youth and started shooting tear gas canisters on us before the first stone was thrown. In addition to telling them what we think on the wall and occupation activists were busy in fighting the fires ignited by the rear gas canisters. As the wind was friendly and the soldiers stupid we evade most of the tear gas.
Haitham Al Khatib video
Bil'ins Struggles

Friday weekly protest, Jun. 1, 2012.

Nabi Saleh

Friday weekly protest, Jun. 1, 2012
In Nabi Saleh, army shoots tear gas directly at protesters . See
Israel Putermam


June 2nd, 2012 Four Years of Resistance. Ni’lin enters the fifth year of popular struggle against the segregation wall with a strong will and determination
On the fourth anniversary of what became the start of the popular struggle in Ni’lin over 350 protestors, Palestinians, Israelis and internationals gathered to again march towards the wall. As the struggle against Israeli segregation politics enters its fifth year the determination of the struggle remain as strong as ever.
After the Friday prayer protestors gathered in the olive groves to a demonstration named The March of Loyalty in commemoration to the five martyrs who were brutally murdered by Israeli military during peaceful protests against the segregation wall. The martyrs were remembered in the slogans chanted by the demonstration as it proceeded towards the wall with Palestinian flags raised. The demonstration called for the unity of the Palestinian political fractions in the struggle against Israeli occupation. Slogans were also dedicated to the prisoners currently on hunger strike in Israeli prisons, some of which have refused food for almost 80 days.
When the demonstration reached the segregation wall the soldiers were already preparing the skunk water truck to flush the demonstration with foul smelling water. Despite this some of the protestors reached the gate where they burnt car tires to express the sadness of their people and their defiance against the wall in the black color of the soot.
A speech was delivered by one of the protestors against the Israeli occupation and theft of land, condemning the recent settler attack on Ni’lin farmers. Last Wednesday settlers from Hashmonaim (an Israeli colony built on Ni’lin land) started throwing stones at farmers trying to reach their land on the other side of the wall. The settlers drove them away with gun fire while cursing at the farmers. During the speech the soldiers continued to fire tear gas at the protestors to disperse the demonstration. A 14 year old child was injured and dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation. As so many times before the soldiers were hiding in the fields around the wall in order to arrest protestors but this time they were unsuccessful.
Haim Schwarczenberg

Kufr Qaddom

Kadum demonstration today was pretty minor.
After many weeks the entrance to the village was closed, today was no obstruction and we entered without difficulty.
Import to clear that mostly these barriers are not designed for us, but are the army's way of stopping Shabab and, identified them at the checkpoint.
Two hundred and fifty Palestinians, a handful of international and four Israelis started walking in the parade toward the forbidden road.
There were some speeches of important guests who arrived today for the demonstration including the Deputy Mayor of Nablus, and high level Ramallah Municipality personnel - all female.
The army "welcomed" us with the skunk cannon sprays, then began firing tear gas and stun grenades. They did not shoot the gas in clusters but one by one... this was probably because the wind was on our side and blew most of the time straight towards them.
The shabab did as the shabab always do: they ignited tires so the near by colonialist settlement will experience too what is black smoke. They also did the usual Fight back with stones. In Kadum the youth are doing their job at the demos faithfully.
After an hour and a half the army start retreating and that was the sign of to declare victory.
Two demonstrators who were wounded by tear gas canisters were treated locally and so were treated some who suffered from tear gas inhalation.

Court hearing for Ahmed was supposed to be at 28.5. Canceled. When his father came to visit him at 5.30 he was not allowed to meet him.
Ahmad is incarcerated about three months already and the authorities still trying to find some accusation to put against him - except of course the fact that his hand was
placed between the teeth of an army attack dog in a February demonstration.

Friday weekly protest, Jun. 1, 2012

South Hebron hills

This week too - coming Saturday, June 2, we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army in intensify efforts to force them to "willingly" evacuate area C locations.

Social justice

Tel Aviv

About 10,000 marched Saturday evening from national theater square to the art Museum square meeting. It was organized by the opportunist part of the "social justice" activists who interwoven with the parliamentary party politics. The real out of the parliament activists absented themselves but did not put a strong objection.

People marched also in Jerusalem, Haifa and few other towns.
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