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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle included this week both the highway to Jerusalem and the solidarity sailing to Gaza*

The struggles the anarchists against the wall were never restricted to joint local struggles against the separation fence (Masha, Zabuba, Budrus, Bidu, Bil'in, etc. Nor to other local struggles against the occupations (Beit Omar, Nabi Saleh, Quadum, 443 high way, etc. Nor even restricted to the joint actions together with Palestinian partners. We joined along the years direct actions: of social struggles, of refugees and guest workers, and even activities for the Gheto Gaza people (the last one was solidarity vigils and jail/court solidarity with the crew of Saturday captured ship which tried to overcome the siege of Gaza. To overcome the effects of widely dispersed activities on activists community feelings a weekly meetings were initiated.    

443 Highway

Palestinian and activists blocked Route 443 16, 2012
Haim Schwarczenberg:


About dozen Israelis, two dozen internationals and 20 bil'iners participated in the weekly Demo on Friday 19.10.2012. As usual, not long after entering the route of the wall and hanging a Palestinian flag on the separation wall the Israeli state forces started to tear gas us and later added the spray of stinking water. As usual the Shabab responded with effective stone throwing hitting time and again the shields of the soldiers located behind the wall with just their heads in sight. As the wind was most of the time favoring us, we succeeded to evade the tear gas and after an hour we ended the demo and returned to the village.

A Bil'iner is putting his flag on the top of Israeli apartheid wall,


Saturday, comrades held a vigil at Ashdod beach near the harbor in solidarity with the ship Estelle after it was boarded by Israeli navy who prevented it from reaching Gaza.
"The Israeli navy surrounded the Estelle in the early morning hours and took control of it at 10am. The army spokesperson now announced that the ship will not enter the Ashdod port earlier than 9pm. They are trying to wear down the activists on board before their interrogations, and scare off media. They are trying to get supporters to give up and go home. Let's show them we are not giving up. Come stand with us and with the families of the activists outside the Ashdod police station so that Reut, Elik and Yonatan will see they are not alone and in order to add out voice to the cry to break the siege on Gaza and offer our support for and solidarity with the Palestinian p"

The Israelis were brought to court Sunday with serious charges with prosecutors asking for 5 jail days... but judge declined, call them peace activists and indited them for three days only - this was revoked Monday in district court that replaced it with one day house arrest and 500 meters restriction from Gaza border...


19-10-2012  6 years of struggle.
Today, in the demonstration marking six years of struggle in al Ma'asara we walked - about fifty Palestinians, twenty Israeli and twenty internationals on the road to the depths of the village lands.
Meager and tired military forces indeed prevented us from getting to the land, but we went far anyway and walked on the road. Because the army was trying to block us they also ended up blocking the highway 3157 for more than an hour. The Israeli state forces were very mild did not arrest any one nor even used the usual violence.
In short after being happy and celebrating the anniversary with cake etc. Our hosts invited us to celebrate the village with some tea.
Some of us (including the Yasamba troupe) decided to go to the demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah, which was a joy, more than expected, and from the demonstration area in the park we marched into the neighborhood with tambourines and dancing.

Lior Ben Eliahu
Guy Butavia

Nabi Saleh

Weekly demonstration, Oct. 19, 2012 Live bullets were shot in the village now, according to an activist Abir Kopty.
The weekly Friday demonstration in the village of Nabi Saleh hosted visitors from the Dorothy Cotton institute including veterans of the American civil rights movement. Protesters were attacked by the IOF in an attempt to the suppress the demonstration. The soldiers used skunk water, tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets against the unarmed protesters.
David Reeb


israel putermam

Kufr Qaddom

Friday weekly demonstration, Oct. 19, 2012

South Hebron hills

Saturday 19.10.2012

sheikh jarrah

This Friday, the yasamba troupe came to the demo after participating in the 6 years struggle anniversary in Ma'asara.
Sara Benninga

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