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Palestine-Israel, Another week of joint struggle in turbulent times

After years of persistent struggle the first cracks emit a more pleasant melody. The pains of the fallen, the injured, and these suffering more than others is softened a bit by the defeat of Israel in Gaza and the UN. It seems that the Tsumud, the resistance and the popular unarmed struggle start to change the flow of things in the international arena. We see it again and again that when the scales are in balance, even a small group of activists who persist in struggle can tip the scales. The joint struggle contribute its share in obstructing the efforts of the Israeli establishment to equate the struggle against Israel with antisemitism. The joint struggle even seems to collect momentum and more locations of popular and joint unarmed struggles are increasing.

In Bil'in there were[not] 20 Israelis of the anarchists against the wall and 15 internationalist as they are forbidden to be there... and there were also few dozen Palestinians - double the usual numbers of the last months. Many preferred to march all or part of the way to the Abu Lamun park instead of the usual travel by cars. The wind was very friendly so the demo was much longer than usual... till the clouds of tear gas put end to the demo.
"One day after the United Nations overwhelmingly voted to declare Palestine as an internationally recognized state, the weekly demonstration in Bil’in was attended by a large number of people in high spirits, waving Palestinian flags and playing music from loudspeakers. The army responded with large amounts of tear gas, and a Palestinian man was hit by a canister. The army used sound grenades and steel-cored rubber bullets against the protesters, managing to shoot several young men in their legs."


Demonstration against the road block and the occupation, Karyut, West Bank, 30.11.2012
yisraelpnm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxNv7FpxulY


Friday Nov. 30, 2012. Today protest was organized in coordination with South West Bank Popular Committee to Mark the recognition of the Palestinian State in the United Nations. Tens of heavily armed Israeli occupation soldiers blocked the way and prevented the protesters from approaching the main road and and tried to suppress them, but they were so determined to reach the main road and deliver the protest messages which are "this land is ours and no one can or have the right to force us out", the second message was "solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike", the third message was "the necessity of suing the Israeli war criminals in front of the International Crime Court", in addition to condemning the USA, CANADA and the other four countries who opposed the recognition of Palestine Statehood Bid, and described them as enemies of peace, freedom and human rights.
South West Bank Popular Committee
Nabi Saleh Weekly demonstration, Nov. 30,

Nabi Saleh

Friday 30.11.2012 protest
David Reeb http://youtu.be/cKxNQ2G9dwA


Friday weekly protest against Israeli apartheid wall Nov. 30th. Live fire in Ni'ilin during the weekly protest against the wall. Live fire tear gas and rubber coated bullets were shot. Protesters climbed the wall and tried to open the gate to their lands, During the demo protesters tossed Frisbee's with massages of peace to the IOF soldiers, no injuries to both sides at the end.

Kufr Qaddom

"This Friday (Nov. 30th) the demonstration was longer than usual.
Five Israelis, a handful of international and two hundred Palestinians marched towards the occupied road. The demonstration marked the recognition of Palestine at the UN and chants were according to that.
Barricades were placed all along the road, tires were burned and the near by Qdumim colonialist settlement was stenched and blackened as deserves.
The army surrounded the village as it must "protect the homeland" from friends
and partners from Qaddum. Israeli state forces shot lot of shock and gas grenades and some rubber coated bullets as well.
At the end of the demonstration troopers tried to enter the village but the wonderful shabab built stone barricades at the entrance to the village.
"I would like to say that we get now a welcome reception as Israelis which was not so initially and what is not obvious. Morad asked to change the day of the demonstration for Tuesday so more Israelis will be able to come. I thought it is not true as some of us working in the week days and suggested the Sabbath instead. I do not know if it
is a one time change or not. I promise to update later. Thanks to all who came. And please come to Qaddum as you will be welcome there."

In struggle


israel putermam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxNv7FpxulY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU73ZXPmYtk
And of course a big thank to Jotham the finest pictures.

Sheik Jarrah

This Friday demo, about 30 Israeli, International, and Palestinians participated in the Friday vigil its theme was the celebration of the achievement at the UN assembly.

South Hebron hills

As usual, Israeli and international activists joined farmers to obstruct settler colonialists harassment in lands near colonialist settlements.
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