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Palestine-Israel, The tremors vibrate under our feet as the joint struggle accelerate processes*

The start of the "talks" and the release of old time prisoners was forced on Israel as Europe started the pressure on Israel following mounting public opinion and failure of US to protect its "venerable" client. The B.D.S. and involvement of Israeli and international Jewry neutralized the Israeli harping on antisemitism. The split within the Israeli elite when the scientific and advanced technology get the alarm of imminent punishment result in public cry. The financial establishment is second in line but still not in the open. The arms industry and high-tech seems to have business as usual and still do not change sides. The Israeli ruling elite seems to contemplate a new compromise with the Palestinian elite as business as usual reaching a dead end.


Friday 443 (16/8/2013)
Haitham Al Khatib


"I'm writing on behalf of the internationals activists which are taking part in the solidarity camp in Aida refugee camp. Today (Friday) they were in Al Ma'sara and the demo was violently attacked by the soldiers. Four people, 2 palestinians and 2 internationals, were detained. The 2 internationals were transferred to Hebron police station, where they are still under arrest. We are in contact with them and they are telling us that the police wont let them go unless a lawyer shows up. The police is telling them that they need a lawyer otherwise they will deported"

7 years of struggle

‪Nabi Saleh‬

Manal writes: "Protest is over we getting ready 4 a wedding 2night,life goes on minute 4 running of tear gas & a minute 4 dancing & enjoying life".
David Reeb




We finished our march today Friday 16-8 at 3 PM.
As usual nearly 40 soldiers attack the village at 11 am shooting tear gas and sound bombs at houses and towards the persons who share the marsh. Many tear gas bombs fell inside houses and Tayseer Shtaiwi told me that 6 bombs fell in the yard of his house and caused suffocated cases inside the house. Yaqub Ashraf Shtaiwi child of 2 years suffocated and fell unconscious after he smell gas from a bomb near his house and he is ok now.
The soldiers began to change their way of repression us by trying to transfer the confrontations between houses to increase the suffering of the people.
But we have a message and duty for our land that in spite of suffering we will continue our struggle.
"Activists say that over the past two years, the protesters got better at maneuvering the terrain, taking care of each other, avoiding arrests during demonstrations, and leaving each demo with a weird sense of victory. There’s a joy to this struggle, a freshness embodied in the image of laughing men as they step out of the mosque and clap to the beat of the chants. A heyday is foreshadowed in these images, a peak of creative and uncompromising protest."
Odai Qadduni

Kids Play War: The Struggle of Kufr Qaddum and Meanderings on Violence
"There’s something infectious about the joy of the struggle in Kufr Qaddum. Perhaps it is blooming. It’s an exciting moment to join in. What is often perceived as dark and desolate is in my eyes a unique and colorful display of resistance. Clowns and musicians are welcome as well. Heed the call."

Canaan Protest village 6, 16/08/2013

While we were on our way to built our protest village in the middle of Gosh Ezion colonial block, 10s of heavily armed Israeli occupation soldiers attacked us and arrested 5 people including 4 activists and a Palestinian journalist. Many protesters were injured after being beaten by Israeli occupation soldiers.
protesters chanted slogans for Palestine including: "Free Free Palestine", "Free freedom Prisoners", "one, two, three, four, Occupation no more", among many other slogans that demanded to put an end to Israeli occupation, end colonization of Palestinian land, dismantle all military checkpoints throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem as a basic human right to move freely, to put an end to colonists attacks against Palestinian people, land and properties, to put an end to the ongoing and non stop raiding of Palestinian towns, villages, refugee camps and cities.

South West Bank Committee

Photos: Younes Arar

South Hebron Hills

Guy Butavia

Sheikh Jarrah protest, August 2013

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