Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Palestine-Israel, Just another week of joint actions against the occupation and transfer*

The struggle at Ein Hiljeh continued till Thursday night. The Israeli state forces harassed the activists along the week but due of the mounting world pressure refrained from arresting the activists even during the eviction only detained for short time few of them. Instead, they hit and injured dozens of them. The mounting effects of the B.D.S. start to panic the Israeli elite and significant part it start to pressure the government to yield to the imperial demands. The Israeli media is contemplating on it daily. The ongoing grass roots struggle continue though not invigorate yet. The struggle against the crawling transfer - mainly in the Jordan valley, the south of Hebron hills and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem continue. The anarchist communist organization Ahdut increase its involvement in the joint struggle against the occupation with the Bil'in grass root popular activists.


Surprises in Bil'in never end. Half an hour at the gate and a march along the wall to the Abu Lemon grove and no tear gas grenades or shock ones thrown on us. 17 Israelis + twenty internationals and dozens of Bil'iners, complained about the missing weekly dose of tear gas to which we are addicted. Only after repeated requests by using stones when we almost given up, we got a dose of the tear gas accompanying by the usual end of the demonstration barrage of it. Six members of Ahdut waved proudly black flags and redNblack ones.
Border police escape armored car after tear gas canister explosion
RedNblack flags in Bil'in
Israel video
Yigal Levin ""

Ein Hiljeh Thursday night

Israeli army and police forces evicted residents of the week-old protest village of Ein Hiljeh in the southern Jordan Valley overnight Thursday. All of the Palestinian activists were forced to leave and a number of them were injured during the eviction. Israeli forces confiscated all of the supplies, equipment and property at the site, including a few cars
31 people sent to hospital and many more injured as 1000 Israeli troops storm and evicted


Weekly protest 7.1.2014 In Ma'asara today a protest took place against Israeli occupation and it was stopped and not allowed to reach the confiscated lands of the village.
Demonstration protested the brutal eviction of Ein Hijlehn


"4 people injured and tenths suffocated during the march today
The Israeli army attacked the march of KAFR QUDOOM village today with tear gas canisters and sound bombs and metal bullets causing 4 people injured as following:
Saqir Obaid 58 years canister in head after hitting ground (its easy one).
Kamil barham 23 metal bullet in hand
Nasir shtaiwi 43 metal bullet in leg
Mahmoud riyad 5 years canister in his leg.
The army shoot hundreds of direct canisters towards the people and use rubber bullets frequently .
I send you email last Friday how the soldiers deal with us when the feel that U N is in kafr qudoom today no UN so they practice their job by shooting and chasing and trying to arrest ….etc."

Sheikh Jarrah
Don't say we didn't know #399
On 22nd, 24th and 27th January 2014, settlers from Itamar invaded the neighboring Palestinian village, Beit Furiq, and threw stones at people, cars and homes.
The residents tried to get them out and called the Civil Administration (IDF) to complain about the attacks. The soldiers who arrived shot at the residents and wounded two of them. Then those soldiers evicted the settlers and detained none of them.

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