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Palestine-Israel - a struggle that never end between Zionist settler colonialism and the indigenous Palestinians.

The war on the Hamas ruled Gaza strip continue for the 13th day. Demonstrations against Israel war mongering continue both in Israel and the world. All that Israel wants in this war it initiated is the thwarting of the Palestinian unity government and curbing the peace agreements it might speed up. The danger of the surrender of Hamas to the Palestinian Authority in the heel of its economic crisis resulted from the actions of the new Egyptian government, seriously threatening the project of splitting the Palestinians - Israel invested in it extraordinary efforts. Only a total collapse of Hamas rule in Gaza scares Israel more than it. However, internal reasons within Israel force it to introduce the war intended to stabilize the Hamas rule in Gaza and preventing its surrender to the Palestinian Authority as a war against the Hamas and not as price paid to obstruct Palestinian unity.


Friday 11-7-14 demo. Ten Israelis and dozen international activists joined two dozen Bil'iners in the weekly demo its theme was: Bil'in stands in solidarity with Gaza. The activists wore clothes like these of the Jews inside the Nazi concentration camps to remind the Israeli soldiers about the Holocaust and to denounce the ongoing genocide in Gaza, demanding to stop it now. The Israeli occupation forces were relatively "peaceful" for a long time. When they started with the tear gas shooting it was not abundant as usual. The wind was friendly too. Due to the Ramadan we did not stay long and returned to the village.

Friday 18.7.14 - 11th day of the Tsuk Eitan war on Gaze, the demonstration in Bil'in against the separation wall and occupation was as usual. 10 Israelis and 15 international activists joined the Bil'iners in the march towards the gate in the separation wall. The theme of this demo was solidarity with attacked Gaza and many in the march wore white garments stained with red smears. At the gate we had angry communication with the Israeli state force that escalated first to tear gas grenades thrown at us and later escalated to invasion of soldiers, shooting of rubber coated bullets, and arrests of one Israeli and one Bil'iner (released few hours later).
israelpnm (me with redNblack flag and red shirt)


Palestinian dressed like Jews in Nazi concentration camps, today (11 July 2014) during a protest in Masara village, south Bethlehem,
Younes Arar


11 7 2014
David Reeb
Nabi Saleh 18.7.2014

11.7.2014 israelpnm
Yaron Ben-Haimנעלין-nilin-11-7-2014-2/

Today 18.07.2014, one Palestine youth 21 years old from the west bank village of Ni'lin has been injured in the feet with live ammunition during the weekly protest against Israeli apartheid wall and in solidarity with Gaza
David Reeb


Friday 11-7-14 150 Villagers joined by 4 Israeli and few international activists.The soldiers refrained from harassing the demonstrators with tear gas - giving the snipers to do the assault

demo. Live silenced fire hit two youths demonstrating in kufr Qaddum in the west bank. Entrance and exit wounds in their thigh and calf, with no firing sound heard.
The angered villagers held in the evening two additional demonstrations.

18.07.2014 in solidarity with Gaza.
Matan S. Cohen

Sheikh Jarrah

demo July 11th 2014.

Protests in Tel Aviv Jaffa

Wednesday 9-7-14 in front of Tel Aviv National Theater. Vigil, stop the Israeli violations and violent attacks on the Palestinian people. Stop militarism, end the occupation

Saturday 12.7.14 Two vigils - one at the national theater at 20:00 and one at 21:00 in the clock tower square of Jaffa

About 100 extremely violent fascists led by the Israeli rapper Yoav Eliassi (aka "The Shadow") attacked demonstrators against the ‪Gaza‬ massacre. The police allegedly protected the demonstrators who wrongly relied on them, only to later discover they have been left to fend for themselves in the streets.
Racists attack the demo:

In Jaffa tonight, as rockets exploded over their heads and their chats got periodically drowned out by sirens and Ramadan calls to prayer, about 100 people came to demonstrate. They chanted "Arabs and Jews are united against Zionists". Across from us a few Israelis held flags that read "Long live Israel, support IDF".

Israeli Citizens Call for Boycott & Arms Embargo as Gaza is Under Attack. US Embassy, Tel-Aviv

Tel Aviv

A protest against Israeli attack on Gaza, Tel Aviv, Saturday 12.7.2014

Saturday evening 19.7.14 500 of the radical left

Don't say we didn’t know #416
Usually during Ramadan the Israeli government operates a ceasefire in its home demolitions’ war against Bedouins in the Negev and Palestinians in the occupied territories. El'Araqib is not included in that ceasefire.
On Wednesday, 2nd July, 2014, Israel Lands Authority representatives arrived, escorted by police, at the El'Araqib cemetery. They Plowed the area between the graves and the fence that they had demolished on 12th June, 2014. Then they heaped up earth mounds and tore down the shades under which residents and guests were living. All this had one specific aim: to push the inhabitants out of the place.
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