Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Israel, Tel-Aviv, Street Party - Politicalpersecution Friday, 7th january, 14:30 - TelAviv Jan 5

Hello all! ---- This friday, 14:30, Kolbo shalom tel aviv CRAZY STREET PARTY against political persecution) PASS THIS ON!
They are afriad...
They are afraid of Palestinian-Israeli contacts, They are afriad of mutual non-violent protests.
They are afraid from the will to break walls and see what's happening on the other side,
They are afraid that we will see that on the other side there are human-beings.
They are afriad we will see the poverty, the suffering. That poors from both sides will learn who to blame.
They are afraid unviolent resistance that will uncover the crime and violent oppression of the army.

That's why they shoot non-violent protestors against the fence.
That's why they investigate activists.
That's why they bring to court palestinian and Israeli peace activists.

THEY will not shut us down!
WE have nothing to hide!
We're not the ones hiding...

Let's blow their cover together in a fun and happy STREET PARTY that will mark to everyone where are THEY and where we are!

Friday (7th january), 14:30 (Exactly!) Under Kolbo Shalom TEL-AVIV

More anouncments to come.

Be there or be THEM!

* Antiauthoritarian anticapitalist initiative

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