Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Israel, This morning started the trial of Tali Fahima in Tel Aviv district court for defying Israeli death squads in Jenin. 11 Jan

This morning we had a 50 people vigil* in front of the court house with placards and shirts printed with slogans (see below). About 20 entered the court room**. During the last five months the security services have been holding a defamation campaign against Tali Fahima, vilifying her as a danger to the state and to public security. This media campaign is meant, among other things, to deflect public attention from Tali's clear and uncompromising stance against the occupation and targeted killing policy, and to portray her as an unstable, isolated woman. [They also vent this way their frustration fury for failing to murder Zacharia Zubeidi she vowed to protect].

While declarations made by security forces in the media spoke of Tali having been involved in planning terrorist activities, the indictment contains no such charges. The indictment, with its ludicrous charges and poor evidential basis, addresses the public's darkest fears and feelings of nationalism. (www.freetalifahima.org)

But the judges are also part of this public. To this day, and during five long months, the judicial system has time and again approved the denial of Tali Fahima's freedom, simply because the security system asked them to.

Through all this, Tali has courageously stood up to humiliating and exhausting political persecution, and asserted her right to voice her belief in solidarity between the two peoples.

The Call distributed for the vigil:

This coming Tuesday, 11/1/05, at 8:00 AM, we will gather outside the Tel Aviv district court and say
No to Tali Fahima's political persecution
No to the political imprisonment of Israeli Arab leaders
No to Shabak harassment of political activists
No to the witch hunt, hatred and suspicion directed at those who refuse to bow to government intimidation

Action in the court house

Inside the court we will keep the order, hoping that the judges will also fulfill their duty of carrying out justice in a fair and open manner.

If you refuse to stop meeting Palestinians in Palestine, to stop showing solidarity with them, to stop opposing the occupation, the wall and Israel's killing and suffocating policy in Palestine, we suggest you wear, during the protest vigil in front of the courthouse, a T-shirt imprinted with one of the following messages:

I've been to area A,

I've been to Genin

I have met with Palestinians

I have met with armed Palestinians

I have Palestinian friends

I have met with Palestinian freedom fighters

I object to the targeted killing policy

I object to the occupation

I have been interrogated by Shabak

I have been harassed by Shabak

I have been summoned to Shabak interrogation

Free Tali Fahima

We ask everyone to cover or take off these T-shirts when entering the courthouse, so we can start our relationship with the new judges on the right footing (and with our hearts on the left).

To order T-shirts (Hebrew inscription only):

Send the following details to talialmi@actcom.net.il:

1. T-shirt size (S, M, L, XL)
2. Your choice of inscription (from the above list, please, to make things easier for us)
3. Number of T-shirts
4. Your name

The price of a T-shirt is 10 Shekels. We will bring them to the courthouse entrance.
* The vigil consisted of young and old activists against the occupation of Palestine by Israel. Significant number of the participants were from the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative.

** In his "huge generosity" the prosecutor claimed he will not ask for the death penalty for the ridiculous and absurd accusations.
Following is some references of today's media:


Trial begins for Israeli woman accused of helping terrorists By Zvi Harel, Haaretz Correspondent

The trial of an Israeli woman accused of aiding Palestinian terrorists opened Tuesday in the Tel Aviv District Court with the reading of the charges against her.

Tali Fahima is charged with aiding the enemy during wartime, contact with foreign agents and supporting a terrorist organization.

The trial proceedings will begin January 16, but Fahima's attorney, Smadar Ben Natan, told the court Tuesday that she intends to present preliminary arguments beforehand.

The defense will file a motion to dismiss some or all of the charges, on the basis that, even if Fahima did in fact commit a crime, it was inconsequential.

According to the charges, Fahima helped Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Bridages militants, including the organization's Jenin commander, Zacharia Zubeidi, evade capture during an Israel Defense Forces operation.

Fahima is accused of translating for the militants a secret map accidentally left behind by the IDF that included details on an upcoming operation to arrest militants.

Fahima denies the charges, arguing among other things that Zubeidi and many of his associates speak Hebrew and thus do not need her as a translator.

Fahima arrived at the hearing accompanied by dozens of supporters. "For half a year I have been kept in isolation and haven't been allowed to speak," Fahima said prior to the hearing.

In a letter distributed among Fahima's supporters, Zubeidi and other residents of the Jenin refugee camp said they are "strengthening her [Fahima's] spirit."

"The Israelis are afraid that you will lead to hundreds of Tali Fahimas. The are afraid that many Israelis will cross the fence and see the truth," the letter said.

From September 2004 until roughly one month ago Fahima was held in administrative detention due to the state's contention the evidence against her was confidential.

According to the prosecution, the evidence that served as the basis for the detention relates to far more serious accusations. Charges have not been filed in connection with these accusations because the evidence remains confidential.

Tali Fahima being led by a policewoman into the Tel Aviv court http://www.haaretz.co.il/hasite/images/daily/D110105/245fahima110105.jpg http://www.haaretz.com/hasite/images/iht_daily/D110105/147e_fahima110105.jpg
where she is charged with aiding terrorists. (Motti Kimche)
Related Links * Court extends remand of left-wing activist Tali Fahima http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=515634&contrassID=1
* Fahima indicted for aiding the enemy http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=519315&contrassID=1

Jerusalem Post: Trial of far-left activist Fahima begins in TA By YAAKOV KATZ

The trial of far-left activist Tali Fahima, 28, an Israeli Jew from the center of the country, began on Tuesday at the Tel Aviv District Court.

Fahima, who was arrested in August and has been in custody since, is suspected of aiding Palestinian terror organizations and planning terror attacks in Israel.

Fahima, a close friend of Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades leader in Jenin, Zakariya Zubeidi, is also charged with violating an IDF order not to enter Palestinian-controlled Area A.

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