Wednesday, October 19, 2005

France: Anarchists Against the Wall in Marseille 25/10/05 Oct 19

There will be a meeting with Matan Cohen, an Israeli militant of the Anarchists Against the Wall on: Tuesday 25th October 2005 at 7.00pm at Mille Bâbords, 61 rue consolat, 13001 Marseille Tél. & Fax 04 91 50 76 04

Women in Black

In advance of the week of solidarity against the Wall
The Anarchists Against the Wall are part of the coalition against the Wall which includes popular committees against the wall, Gush Shalom, Ta'ayush, Women for peace coalition, and ICAHD. They are a group of young activists who work closely with the Palestinians. They go wherever the building of the wall divides villages and towns and divides them from their land, cutting children off from their schools, adults from their workplaces, separating families and threatening the integrity of Palestinian territory.

Matan has been touring Europe for some months now.

On 25th October, he will be talking to us about the mobilizations against the occupation and on the specific role of the Anarchists Against the Wall in the non-violent (though violently-repressed) struggle against the construction of the Wall.

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