Monday, October 17, 2005

Israel, Jerusalem, 2nd Street performance against the annexation wall* 17 Oct

The 2nd street performance on Saturday night, the 8th of October was a success, a group of activists gathered in Emek Refaim St. in Jerusalem, protesting the construction of the separation wall which is being currently being built on seized land in occupied Palestinian territory. Our preparations included an aged West bank resident walking along the track of the wall, ‘stop signs' which read “wall in front of you” and a poem pointing out many of the serious problems with the new security wall including the elderly man who was barred from his home. “ The elderly man approaches the wall, his back bent over, the hour is six, the solider at Azon gate finishes his shift and closes the gate, what does he care where the elderly man sleeps?” Our mission was to inform the general public to the realities of the “security” wall, and the negative consequences it will have on both the Israeli and Palestinian people. We also worked to recruit people to the joint Israeli-Palestinian struggle against the wall. Anyone with some artistic skills who can coordinate the preparation of materials (the reconstruction of the wall model, preparation of banners etc.) is invited to be in contact with Mor at 050-5784081. We also need volunteers for the following: - actors and actresses (Palestinians) in the performance - a Greek chorus, which will accompany the performance and will give more information on the wall - this doesn't necessarily involve singing! - People to explain the issues to people in the area - people to move the wall model -photography, so that we can publicize the performance on the internet later. The next performance is set to take place on Thursday the 27th of October. Any one interested in joining or learning more is welcome to be in contact with us. Mor Dolev Ariella

picture: Activists reciting the text to the public.

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* By people of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative

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