Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Israel-Palestine, A call of the Anarchists Against The Wall for the Friday demo against the separation fence 15 Mar 2006

Today's invasion of Jericho with the tacit cooperation of the British and American governments had one predictable outcome. That is, the increase in animosity towards foreigners and the further isolation of Palestinians from the rest of the world. The Israeli government makes no secret of its wishes to isolate Palestinians and apparently they don't mind shedding blood to do so.
Those of us who have supported the Palestinian popular struggle have also felt these attempts to isolate Palestinians first hand. The army's efforts to prevent Israelis from joining Palestinians in demonstrations are another aspect of the same oppressive policy which led to the invasion. Our response to these efforts has been to continue to challenge them and insist on our right to demonstrate and our duty to support Palestinians. When we did persist we always managed to overcome the army and join the demonstrations. Our response to this latest provocation should be as always, to continue with our support, to not walk away from our partners and from our joint struggle which has been one of the few positive development of the recent years.

In addition the court cases of Bil'in against the construction of Modi'in Ilit on the village's lands will start tomorrow (Wednesday). It is important to continue the pressure while the case is in court.

Please make every effort to join the Friday demonstrations this week. Please register with us before Thursday evening.
If you are coming from Tel Aviv please call Shay From Jerusalem, call Sa'ar Thank you.

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