Friday, March 31, 2006

Palestine-Israel, the joint struggle against naZionist land grabing continue - Beit Sira, Salfit, Bil'in 31 Mar 2006

First, a call to two Thursday demos* in commemoration of the Land Day massacre of March 30 1976. Dear friends, Next Thursday is Land day which is the 30th annual commemoration of the killings which took place on March 30 1976 . On that day, during a general strike in protest of land confiscation policies the army invaded Arab cities and villages in the Galilee and as a result, 6 Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed and dozens injured. The purpose of the land confiscation policy was to facilitate a plan of the Jewish agency which openly calls for "Judaizing" the Galilee by building more housing for Jews on Arab land. The same policy is being carried out today in the occupied territories and also inside the 1967 borders of Israel. The main instrument of this criminal enterprise is the so called "Separation wall".

There will be two demonstrations in Palestine on this land day in villages which are victimized by the wall in commemoration of Land Day and in protest of the on going land confiscation carried out by the construction of the wall. The regional demonstration for the Ramallah district will be in Beit Sira and the regional demonstration for the Salfit district will be in Rafat. For transportation from Tel aviv please call K. And from Jerusalem call Y. Please call by Wednesday to let us know you are coming.
[The anarchists against the wall initiative people were invited by the organizers to participate]

In the demonstration at Beit Sira were about 100 Palestinians and 10 Israelis. Few people were injured in the confrontation with the state forces including one whose head was hit by a shot.

In Rafat demo that was blocked near the village with special treatment to the about 10 Israelis, there were about 200 participants.

In the traditional Friday demo in Bil'in, there were some surprises... In addition to the usual 100 villagers and 20 internationals we had an enhanced presence of about 70 Israelis we also had 15 diplomats of European embassies as guests.

At noon, we started the march from the center of the village on the road towards the route of the separation fence. At the head was the creative theme of the week: a portable bridge to symbolize the crossing of the separation barrier, and a huge and empty pot representing the economic condition of many of the Palestinians harmed by the economic terror of Israel and the siege all the Palestinians locations are in.

When we arrived at the route of the fence, we were blocked at the rails and gate at the road from the village that lead to the other side of the fence. There, developed the usual verbal and physical confrontation, when at some stage the border police force started to throw on us lot of shock grenades.
They also brutally dismantled the portable bridge we posited above the rails bordering the route of the fence.

The state forces really "succeeded" to make us retreat two meters from part of the route of the fence.... After an hour and four arrests, the end of the demonstration was declared by the popular comity activists and we returned to the village.

As usually, on the olive trees orchard at the North of the road to the fence, a confrontation between the stone throwing youngsters and the soldiers shooting rubber coated bullets and tear gas was going on in parallel to the demo and after it ended.

The afternoon radio news reported on an army officer injured leg from a stone.

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