Friday, July 21, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, The joint struggle against the occupation, Friday 21-07-06

The theme of this Friday demonstration, was the protest of the harming of noncombatant people - children and adults in the gaza strip and in Lebanon. Before the demonstration were special meetings with people who came with the Israeli initiative of the anarchists against the wall and with the internationals of the ISM, to explain to the participants the difference between this Friday demo and the previous ones. A placard specially printed distributed to the participants. In it there were three photographs: The first was from the Israeli media in which two young girls write on ammunition of heavy canons various "graphity" like "from the children of Israel". In the second picture there is an Israeli canon firing with a heap of ammunition like the one the girls were righting on. In the third there were two dead children killed by a blast of a canon shell.

At noon, we started the usual march from the center of village on the road to the route of the separation fence. Participated about 150 people - Bil'in villagers, Israelis who came with the activists of the anarchists against the wall initiative, internationals, and Palestinians from out of the village.

In the march - in contradiction to other demos, there were no chanting and no singing or dancing. It was mourning march. The silence was an immitation/protest of the silence of the world about the killing of children and noncombatants by the Israeli forces in the Palestinian Gaza strip and Lebanon. At the head of the march there was a huge black flag of three meters by twenty meters.

When we arrived at the blocked gate to the route of the separation fence we did not have the usual verbal confrontation with the Israeli armed forces. We stood in a minute of silence, then few sentences were read, and then we started to march back to the village.

When we returned to the village we had a big meeting of all the participants of the demo for discussion of the long period of struggle in Bil'in.

This Friday there was absent the usual confrontation between the unruly stone throwing youngsters and state forces....

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