Friday, July 28, 2006

Pelestin-Israel, Bil'in, The joint struggle continue in spit the joint sabotage of Israel secret services and village reactionaries. 28 Jul 2006

The Friday demo was on the background of two weeks ago unsigned leaflet distributed in Bil'in after a night "visit of Israeli army car. In the leaflet, the joint struggle defame the joint struggle from the point of view of religious "modesty". In a public meeting after the previous Friday demo the defamation of the intrusion of "non modest" behavior to the village was done by extreme Hamas people of the village, who were present in previous demos but absent this Friday demo.
At noon, about hundred of us started the march to the route of the fence, in a dirt road we seldom use in the Friday demo. One of the reason for choosing it was to try to evade the reactionaries influenced stone throwers provocation that hinder the joint nonviolent demonstrations of the village comity and outside activists.

Palestinians from Bil'in and from other place, ISM internationals, and Israelis organized by the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative, marched towards the route of the separation fence. At the head of the march people carried a coffin with Lebanon symbol on it, and many of us with white tunics stained with red. The theme of this Friday demo was the funeral of the "New middle East order" of the US foreign minister Kundelisa Rice.

When we arrived at the route of the fence, people put the coffin on the spool of barbed wire mounted on the rail bordering the route. In response, the Israeli force showered on the people around the coffin with lot of shock grenade injuring the leg of Abdalla Abu Rahme of the village comity. When the carriers took the coffin and started walking along the fence, the shower of shock grenades ended, and we walked "peacefully" along the route of the fence.

When we reached the usual point of Friday demos - the blocked gate to the route of the fence and beyond it, we continued marching towards the village, to evade the clash with the state forces usually initiated by the stone throwers provocateurs.

At a certain point of the march back to the village we rested in the shade of a huge tree with lot of non formal discussions. Then we returned to the village where we had a formal meeting to sum the demonstration of this Friday.

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