Friday, August 4, 2006

Palestin-Israel, Friday 4-8-06, the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation

This Friday demonstration too was with the in Lebanon in its background. For this demo, lot of flags were prepared: black flags, flags with the Lebanese cedar, and few Palestinian flags too. At noon we started as usual, from the center of the village on the road towards the route of the separation fence. We were about 100 people - Palestinians, internationals, and Israelis who came together with the activists of the anarchists against the wall initiative. Absent from the demo were some villagers who used to participate before the defamation attack of the Islamic fundamentalists against the joint struggle in Bil'in of locals with internationals and Israelis. Along the march people called slogans relevant to the present war in lebanon in addition to chants of the usual repertoire.

At the end of the march we arrived at the blocked gate to the route of the separation fence and to the village lands on the West of it. After not too long time there of assembling there and demonstration against the Israeli forces, the village comity declared the end of the demo and we started to walk back to the village.

When many of us were still near the blocked gate to the route of the fence, the kids and youngsters who barely were restrained from starting throwing stones during the demo, started their confrontation of stones versus shock grenades and shots of bullets wrapped with rubber.

When that confrontation started, many of the internationals and the Israelis stayed behind, to restrain the Israeli forces so they will not take advantage of the stone throwing to seriously wound or kill stone throwers.

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