Thursday, August 24, 2006

Israel, Tel-Aviv, Poster action 23/8/06 about the injuring of Limor in last Friday demonstration in Bil'in 24 Aug 2006

Last night hundreds of posters were posted all around Tel Aviv city by activists of the anarchists against the wall initiative in an effort to raise awareness to the injury of an israeli demonstrator during a non-violent demonstration against the wall last weekend 11-08. (See report on the demo: This was a mean to bring back the subject to the public arena as it disappeared from the media after announcements in the media on the day of that demo and in the following Saturday. Limor, a 25 years old lawyer from Tel Aviv, was shot at his head and neck from a range of 10 meters. It occurred when he tried to find cover from the raving border police at the side of the road when the Israeli state forces started showering shock grenades and shooting rubber coated bullets on the demonstrators. They did it while the demonstrators approach them within the built area of the village, with out any provocation. Without even proper warning, and during pursuing the escaping demonstrators. (The shooting was disregarding the regulation that forbid shooting on demonstrators from too short distance, and to any part on the body other than the feet. People heard the commander shouting to the gendarmes: "shoot them - it is Lebanon".)
Since the shooting Limor is in hospital in serious condition as one of the bullet penetrated his head and when taken out, part of the brain tissue had to be taken out. The placard was a picture of Limor laying where he was injured written on it: Guilty of expression his opinions - punished with two bullets to his head.

picture at: Pictures of the demo at Bil'in:

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