Friday, September 8, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, The disruption of the Friday demonstrations of joint struggle fail again 08 Sep 2006

This Friday too the Israeli state forces tried to disrupt the joint struggle against the separation fence and the occupation. As usual we started the march on the road leading towards the route of the separation fence at noon, from the center of village. When we arrived at the last building of the village, the Israeli border police soldiers demanded that we will disperse and immediately tried to disperse us. As their instructions did not allow them to shoot us, they tried the "milder" measures - few shock grenades that only make noise, pushing, and hitting people legs with clubs. However, they were very few and low motivated with inept commander. They started to force people on the road back, but most of us just stepped to the side of the road.... After a while they found that most of us stayed behind so they retreated and tried to push the stray ones back to the road.

After a lot of back and forth about 15 of the more experienced stayed behind while the state forces trying hard to heard the others to the village. And when they arrived at the first intersection of the village, the demonstrators just cut contact with them living the soldiers alone in the middle of the road, exposed to the stone throwers who hit them hard.

At that point, the nonviolent demonstration ended - living the arena for the usual war of attrition between the armed soldiers with their new riffles of bean-bag ammunition and the stone throwers.

This friday only one of us was seriously hit with a club on his arm.

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