Saturday, September 2, 2006

Palestuine-Israel, the joint struggle against the occupation and the separation fence continue. 02 Sep 2006

This week the joint struggle of the Bil'in popular comity and the Anarchists Against The Wall was not restricted to the Friday Demonstration. At the beginning of the week a meeting of the main activists of both Bil'in and the AATW discussed the special conditions of the joint struggle following the Lebanon war and the efforts of some reactionaries of the village to put end to it. It continued in the middle of the week when a joint vigil was presenting the joint struggle in Bil'in in Ramalla Mukat'ah when UN secretary Cofi Anan was visiting there. The Israeli secret services decided to teach the AATW activists a lesson and intimidate them. However, due to splitting before returning home, only two underage activists were caught and were subjected to 24 hours of interrogations before releasing without conditions.

The joint struggle reached its peak Friday - as usual, with the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation. Like the previous Fridays the demo started at noon with a march from the center of the village on the road toward route of the separation fence. Like the previous Fridays of September, the Israeli state forces objected to the demonstration. When the march of Palestinians, internationals, and Israeli left the built are of the village - on the road to the route of the fence, they met the water cannon that started to disperse them. Whoever, after few minutes, the state forces changed to the usual routine of shooting and grenades - probably for testing the new bean gag riffles Israel bought lately from US. Few of the demonstrators were injured. One of them was observed as limping at the Saturday evening screening of the documentary about the Bil'in struggle at the Tel Aviv cinematec.

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