Thursday, November 16, 2006

Palestine Israel, Azun Atme, A new front of joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation 16 Nov 2006

Azun Atme is a typical Palestinian village. Less than two thousands inhabitants, and many of his adults are working their land. In many ways it is not so typical as it has modern hothouse agriculture - in addition to the traditional olive grooves. It is also different as it is cut by the separation fence that pass on its East. About a month ago the village was notified that there will be built a separation fence that will encircle the village from all sides and will robe 4 thousand dunams (4 square kilometers) of its land. It will also encircle as separate entity a small part of the village on the the other side of the road that was built to serve the near by Israeli colonial settlements. A delegation of the anarchists against the wall initiative was invited to a meeting to discus the option for joint struggle and today was the first demonstration against the new separation fence that was already started to be built.

Around noon, a group of activists of the AATW joined two hundreds of Azun villagers (including few of its females and some old people) near the municipality house and started a long march towards the site of the works on the separation fence. The marchers held high lot of banners and flags.

When we were on our way from the intersection to the village and when we assembled near the municipality armored cars of the Israeli forces showed their presence. When we arrived near the fence building site few armed cars and a chain of soldiers blocked our way.

After half an hour nearly quiet stand still the commander declared the area behind the road block as closed military area threating to arrest any one who will cross that line. Then a belligerent sergeant started to harass some children and activists of AATW confronted him and made him stop.

After another hour the demonstration ended and every one returned home.

It was a strange experience to see and hear talking two inhabitants of a near by Israeli colonialist settlement who came to the demonstration in support to the objection to the new fence surrounding the Azun village.

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