Friday, November 10, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, Friday demonstration continue and draw supporters from all over the world. 10 Nov 2006

This Friday demonstration was following a Thursday meeting of the Bil'in popular comity for struggle against the separation fence and activists of the anarchists against the wall initiative. In the meeting we discussed the strategy for the near future struggle and today's demo. In this demo who started at noon from the village center towards the route of the separation fence participated the usual Bil'in villagers, Israeli anarchists against the wall, ISM internationalists and also a delegation of white haired old time activists from France, including the comrade injured in Bil'in last Friday by Israeli live amunition. We marched along the road chanting as usual, and to the sound drams with black ribos... We roused the memory of thr people murderd at Beit Hanun by Israeli artilery and the second year for the death of the late Yaser Arafat.

When we arrived at the route of the fence and the blocked entrance to it by the Israeli stae forces one of the marchers gave a speach. Then, we along the fence that border the route in the middle of it pass the electronic separation fence.

On our way we dragged from their place along the border of the route sections of the barbed wire spool. The soldiers did not like it and tried to deter us with shock grenades and even some tear gas canisters. We were not deterred by the noise of the shock grenades. We threw away or back to the soldiers tear gas canisters and suffered a bit the tear gas... but were not deterred.

After a protracted confrontation - including verbal, we reached a point where the fence bordering the route was less prohibiting. While the few soldiers following us tried to stop us, most of the demonstrators who were around, succeeded to enter the route and stay near the electronic fence and even touch it. At that point, lot of the soldiers who harried to block us just confronted physically the few of us who failed to enter the route of the fence.

After a long hour, we decided to return to the village taking a long route so we will evade the battle ground between the stone throwers and the state forces.

This Friday most of the stone throwers respected the agreement with the popular comity to do their acts not within the nonviolent demonstration. Few of them who did not respected it were driven away when they tried to disrupt our activity at the fence by stone throwing.

With the "music" of the shooting of rubber coated bullets and grenades from the battle ground, most of us returned for a meeting summing this Friday demo, some of us - mainly the photographers stayed behind to document the struggle between the state force and the stone throwers to supply some protection by deterring the use of live ammunition, as the soldiers did use last Friday demonstrations - injuring with it the neck of a 13 year old kid and the hand of a 69 year old participant of the France delegation of activists.

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