Friday, January 5, 2007

Subject: (en) Palestine-Israel, 102nd weekly Friday joint demonstration in Bil'in against the separation fence and occupation 05 Jan 2007

At the early afternoon, in a stormy whether, after the end of the FATAH anniversary meeting, we started the Friday demonstration. We were few hundred people - Palestinians of Bil'in and many from other places, internationals from various countries, and Israelis from the anarchist against the wall initiative. As usual, we marched chanting, but this time with lot of flags, and banners. We were surprised not to see the border police gendarmes lurking at the fringe of the village, but we know about the water canon waiting for us at the blocked gate to the route of the separation fence. We were a bit surprised when the Israeli state forces start to disperse us with the water cannon even before all marchers arrived. We were not surprised when frustrated demonstrators changed the nonviolence mode to the stone throwing one. Immediately after people left the route of the fence, the state force started to shoot at us tear gas canisters and rubber coated bullets till we did all the way back to the village.

The main public radio station afternoon news reported about demonstration in Bil'in with 800 participants, which was dispersed with demonstrations control means, without giving any reason or excuse for that act.

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