Friday, December 29, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, Another Friday demonstration in the chain 29 Dec 2006

Another Friday demonstration in the persistent joint struggle against the separation and occupation. We started at noon a march from the center of village to the route of the separation fence - Palestinians from Bil'in and from the region, international activists and Israelis of the anarchists against the fence initiative. We chanted all the way to the route of the separation fence - seeing on the way the state force provocateurs at the fringe of the built area of the village - waiting for the stone thrower youngsters.
When we arrived at the blocked gate to the route of the separation fence and to the village lands beyond it we confronted verbally the guards. few comrades succeeded to move the spool of barbed wire and penetrate to the narrow pass between it and the first fence on the side of the rote. Gradually, the nonviolent demonstration moved along the route and more comrades succeeded to cross the spools of the barbed wire.

This tactic continued till we arrived near a better crossing an the tired state force stopped trying to prevent us from crossing the barbed wire spools. All along the demonstration we could hear the regular confrontation of stones versus shock and tear gas grenades, and shooting with rubber coated bullets, from the fringe of the built area of the village.

About an hour after we arrived at the fence, the demonstration ended and we returned to the village.... but the action continued. In a kind of a gesture towards the stone throwing youngsters (part of whom arrived with us to the fence, but refrained from disrupt the demo by stone throwing there - as they often do....), most of the returning demonstrators confronted the state forces engaged in confrontation with the stone throwers at the fringe of the village, trying to make them go away. At a certain point lot of activists were in the same not yet finished building with state force gendarmes, who refused to go away. It developed to a physical confrontation and few activists were injured. After state force reinforcement arrived, the nonviolent activists left the arena.

In the afternoon news program of the main public radio channel, they reported that 80 demonstrators confronted state force at the route of the fence, and two gendarmes were injured.

(Just the usual creative disinformation, that try to put together the nonviolent demonstration against the fence [guarded usually by soldiers] with the stone throwers which confront the border police gendarmes a kilometer away at the fringe of the built area of the village.)

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