Saturday, December 2, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in Friday demonstration still going on even when no light is seen in the end of the tunnel 02 Dec 2006

Just like every other Friday of the last 21 months, we had today too, for a while, in Bil'in, the joint struggle of Israeli anarchists against the wall, international activists, and people of Bil;in. The electronic separation fence is already completed in west of Bil'in. The Israeli higher court of "justice" already demonstrated again what is the NaZionist meaning of "justice" and threw away the Bil'in protest about the theft of Bil'in lands for the building of another quarter in the settler colonialist town Modi'in Ilit. It will probably do the same to the protest about the route of the separation fence that grab more lands of Bil'in... But the struggle continue. Every day and every act of resistance is part of the "Tsumud" = "persistence" refusing to give in to the huge transfer started 1948, continued all the year and increased in momentum in 1967 occupation and more so in 2002 project of the separation fence.

At noon, we started as most of previous Friday demonstrations from the center of the village on the road to the west - now cut by the separation fence and gate to the West which is always closed for us at Friday noon.

We marched with placard, and a tractor with a plow, chanting all the way to the route of the fence. Just living the built area of the village we have seen Israeli state force on the roof of one of the building and around it - waiting for the usual Friday confrontation with the youngsters of the village so they will be able to report to the media there was violent confrontation in Bil'in - and not just a non violent demonstration.

On our way to the rout of the fence, two youngsters who prefer to throw stones behind the back of the nonviolent demonstration accompanied us - leaving behind the more authentic stone throwing youngsters to confront the state force.

When we arrived at the blocked gate to the route of the fence and to the West of it, we started verbal confrontation with the state force guarding the gate and pulling the spools of the barbed wire "protecting" the gate.

From time to time the soldiers threw on us shock grenades that did not deter us any more. At some stage they even threw on us a tear gas canister that was thrown back to them to enjoy their own "medicine".

At that minute the two "brave" youngsters threw few stones on the soldiers behind our backs and run away. Due to our persistence and the "lenience" of the soldiers who only threw of us few shock grenades, they failed to disrupt the nonviolent demonstration that continued till we decided to return to the village.

Not long afterwards two officers tried to arrest one of us for "bad behavior", but due to the resistance of the comrades around, the needed more and reinforcement. When they were already 20, they did succeed to take him prisoner, to be released 2 hours later from the not far away police station in the Settlement Givat Ze'ev, on condition he will refrain from demonstrate in Bil'in for 15 days.

It seems that only three of the demonstrators were injured a bit in the confrontation.

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