Friday, December 8, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, The quietest Friday demonstration ... 08 Dec 2006

Comrade think this Friday demonstration was so (relatively) peaceful because we had as "visitors" the top activists of the international amnesty.
At noon, we started the march to the route of the fence as usual - Palestinians, internationals and Israelis of the anarchist against the wall initiative. Chanting and carrying placards and a big banner. On the way we have seen the Israeli state force personnel on the roof of the house at the end of the village and around it - waiting/provoking for village youth stone throwing confrontation. When we arrived at the route of the fence we found it blocked as usual with the heavy gate, an armored car, and few soldiers, but without the spools of barbed wire (we used to pull the previous Fridays and receiving in return shock grenade). Thus the confrontation was mostly verbal and a baton of a soldiers was snatched as a trophy - without the usual punishment of thrown grenades....

As the state forces refrained from throwing grenades, the few kids that usually come with the nonviolent demonstrators, respond to that with stones and put end to the nonviolent demonstration, had no excuse for their act. Thus, after a while they left us and returned to the village with out causing their usual havoc.

The rest of us started to walk along the fence looking for low intensity confrontation with a platoon of soldiers who "accompanied" us to prevent any assault of us against the fence of the route.

After a prolonged verbal confrontation mainly, we returned to the village, passing through the usual "war zone" between the stone throwers and the Israeli state force shock and tear gas grenades and rubber coated bullets.

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