Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Palestine-Israe the joint struggle against apartheid - Roadblocks Removed in Al Jaba and Beit Einun 13 Jun 2007

The Palestine Solidarity Project organized three consecutive actions together with the Anarchists Against the Wall and the Popular Committee of Hebron. The first action: removing a roadblock in Al Jab'a. PSP, together with other various groups, removed this particular roadblock four times. It blocks the movement of a main road connecting Al Jab'a and Surif, turning a trip that used to take five minutes into one hour. Palestinians must use different roads to bypass' the Gush Etzion settlement bloc and other Palestinian villages. About 50 people worked together with ropes, sticks, and shovels to remove the three cement blocks. Through much effort and hard work, they succeeded in the removal after half an hour, well knowing that an Israeli bulldozer can easily replace the roadblock in five minutes. When roadblocks are replaced, the IOF utilizes soldiers, guns, jeeps, and heavy machinery.

After the first success, the group moved on to Beit Einun to remove a roadblock preventing movement on a heavily-used road between Hebron and Sa'ir. The IOF had blocked the road four years ago. This was the first action of this sort in this area. While a group of about 100 people began to remove the roadblock, ten jeeps arrived and waited nearby. The second roadblock was successfully removed. The group piled into their cars and drove further down the road to remove the next planned roadblock. The Jeeps followed them and suddenly created a line across the road, trapping the group between them and the next roadblock. The group decided not to remove the next roadblock because the group wanted to prevent possible arrests. They then waited two hours for the IOF to leave. Finally, two disassociated Palestinian cars appeared and needed to pass through. The jeeps parted, allowing the cars to pass as well as the other cars carrying the PSP members, the Anarchists, and the Popular Committee of Hebron.

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