Friday, June 22, 2007

Palestine-Israel, the persistence joint struggle against occupation and the separation fence - Bil'in + south Bethlehem 22 Jun 2007

The 124th consecutive Friday demonstration in Bil'in had no innovation. Palestinians, internationals and Israeli from the anarchists against the fence initiative, marched at noon towards the gate of the separation fence used to rob more than half the lands of the village. As usual last weeks, the Israeli state forces took position half the way up the hill the gate to the west of the fence is located. When we approached the foot of the hill the commander declared the area as closed military zone. A spool of barbed wire crossing the road near the foot of the hill marked the forbidden zone. The commander threatened to attack any one crossing that mark. The head of the demonstration converged near the spool of the barbed wire and told the state force our opinion about them.

After few minutes few comrades started to cross the demarcation line. In response, the state force showered us with tear gas and arrested two members of the Bil'in village popular comity for nonviolent struggle against the separation fence. At that point the village youth started the fight of stones against grenades (shock and tear gas) and rubber coated bullets.

The commander of the state force sent teams to confront the stone throwers and demonstrators who remained in the area, who even entered the outskirts of the village.

When we were on our way to Tel Aviv we heard that one arrestee was released, while the second one falsely accused as stone thrower was taken to the near by concentration camp Ofer.

-------------- South of Bethlehem ----------

In south of Bethlehem region there was an action at Wady Nis. People from the region, internationals and Israelis of the AATW initiative converged at the route of the separation fence in building. Speeches were carried and one of them gave support and honer to an international volunteer who was arrested for participation in the struggle in the region. After the speeches participants planted trees on the route of the separation fence to replace these which were uprooted to clear the route for the fence.
Two participants were detained and released only after the action ended.

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