Sunday, July 1, 2007

Palestine-Israel, the persistence joint struggle against occupation and the separation fence - Bil'in + south Bethlehem 01 Jul 2007

The 125th Friday demonstration in Bil'in had no innovation. Palestinians, internationals and Israelis from the anarchists against the fence initiative, marched at noon towards the gate of the separation fence used to rob more than half the lands of the village. As usual last weeks, the Israeli state forces took position half the way up the hill the gate to the west of the fence is located on. When we approached the foot of the hill the commander declared the area beyond a spool of barbed wire crossing there the road as closed military zone. The commander threatened to attack any one crossing that mark but just when the head of the demonstration arrived near the spool of the barbed wire the state forces started to shower us with canisters of tear gas and detained two Israelis who tried to extinguish a fire ignited by it in the near by olive wood.

After the hundred or two retreat of the nonviolent demonstrators, the stone throwers engaged the state force and got in response tear gas and rubber coated bullets.

For about two hours, when there was a break in the tear gas shooting, the non violent demonstrators tried again to march on the road towards the gate in the separation fence... and got in response a shower of tear gas forcing us to retreat again.

After we left the confrontation zone, the two Israeli detainees were released.

-------------- South of Bethlehem ------------

In south of Bethlehem region the activists "celebrated" the completion of six months of persistent joint struggle there against the Israeli atrocities by Palestinians, internationals, and Israelis of the AATW. This Friday, there were planed 3 joint actions but only that of Artas did occur.

The aim of the action in Artas was to reach the lands where the trees were cut in order to enable a passage of a sewage pipe of the near by colonialist settlers village. When the demonstrators approached, there were lot of Israeli state force personnel already present - more than the number of demonstrators. However, due to the presence of a delegation of activists from abroad, and wise commander, after some communication the people were allowed to get to the destroyed orchard, after long weeks it was prevented.

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