Friday, July 20, 2007

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, The 128th Friday demo of joint struggle against the fence and occupation. 20 Jul 2007

It was a bigger demonstration than usual, as more than 50 internationals participated. At noon, Palestinians, Internationals, and Israelis of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative marched towards the route of the separation fence. When we were few hundred meters from it, we took a field road that runs in parallel to the fence. Before the people in the head of the march approached the foot of the hill the gate to the other side is located, the Israeli state forces started to shower us with canister of tear gas. Most of the people refused to disperse and tried again and again to come a bit nearer to the route of the fence. The state forces shoot again and again tear gas canisters directly to demonstrators. At one stage, they added to it shooting of metal bullets covered with rubber.

As the people refused to disperse in spite of the tear gas, a unit of soldiers advanced till they arrived at the building of the village.

barrage of stones made them think better and they retreated.

two Israelis and one Palestinian were treated for injuries - one taken to hospital for bullet which hit his head.

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