Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Israel-Palestine, Media, Jewish democracy for Jews , Officer who beat protesters resigns 11 Jul 2007

An Israel Defense Forces company commander in the reserves is resigning his post after he was videotaped two months ago using what appears to be excessive Violence against Israeli anarchist protesters removing an IDF roadblock in the West Bank. --- The decision to resign was part of a deal with his battalion commander, who agreed not to dismiss him if the company commander quit. The company commander will be placed in a different reserve battalion. --- The incident took place in early May, when the protesters removed a cement roadblock near Route 60, the main road to Hebron, to allow Palestinians to travel along the road. The reservists called to the scene were recorded using violence and the company commander was taped pushing and kicking protesters and putting the barrel of a loaded gun to the body of one of the protesters.

The video footage which was screened in all Israeli TV channels again and again for nearly a week speaks for itself even when some times - like in this screening was accompanied with apologetic words.

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