Thursday, July 19, 2007

France: Debate in Paris - "Libertarian struggles in the Middle East?" [fr] 19 Jun 2007

LIBERTARIAN STRUGGLES IN THE MIDDLE EAST - the experiences of anarchist militants in Lebanon and in Israel There will be a debate organized by Alternative Libertaire in Paris on Wednesday June 27 at 8.00pm, at 92 Rue d'Aubervilliers, Paris 19ème, Métro Stalingrad or Riquet. The countries of the Middle East are not only synonymous with occupation, wars, internal struggles and imperialist chess moves. There are there struggles, resistance and alternative movement which go beyond the dominant political poles and borders both real and symbolic. Who do not avoid touching the social relations issues by hiding behind religous and ethnic motives. Who attempt, create, invent modes of direct action and social and political intervention.
RASH-Lebanon and Anarchists Against the Wall (Israel) are among these.
Militants from both of these, as well as a Palestinian activist, will share their objectives and experiences of struggle during the debate, describing them in their national and regional contexts and as part of the struggle against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. At a time when international solidarity with these movements is more than ever necessary, we will discuss with them the prospects for reinforcing political currents and a progressive, class-struggle and internationalist social movement in the Middle East.

Alternative Libertaire 18 June 2007

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