Friday, July 13, 2007

Britain-Israel, Make Humous Not War visits Bristol 13 Oct 2007

Check out the latest direct action films by Israeli anarchists and Palestinians resisting the occupation, get your latest diy patches and badges, and raise funds for the anarchist infoshop in Tel Aviv. With the non-stop bombing of Gaza, the Apartheid Wall closing in on the palestinians from all sides, the constant threats of war, and continuing racism and hatred- Israelis and Palestinians are still standing side by side fighting the evil forces of zionism, the army, the bulldozers and militaristic patriarchal society. Join us at an event including recent films of resistance in israel-palestine, a discussion with Israeli and UK anti-occupation activists, and lots of lovely mediterranean food!

Thursday 13th of September - 7pm @ Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY

To support the continuing efforts of the anarchist infoshop in Tel Aviv, Salon Mazal, we are requesting a donation of £4.

Salon Mazal was established in 2001, in Tel Aviv, Israel, by a group of social-environmental activists. It serves as an information distribution centre for social, environmental and political change including anti-militarism, animal rights, feminism and gender, anarchism, anti-racism, ecological issues etc.

The place functions as a store (including books, magazines and fair-trade products), a radical lending library, an artist gallery, a vegan bar and a community centre. Also hosting movie screenings, lectures, workshops and meetings for groups such as Anarchists Against The Wall, Green Action, Indymedia, New Profile, Women Coalition for Peace, Queeruption.

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