Friday, September 7, 2007

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in celebration of the struggle against the occupation and the separation fence. 07 Sep 2007

Tuesday morning, even the highest court of Israel that usually support the occupation and the settler colonialist project, had to declare that the two kilometer route of the separation fence cutting the lands of Bil'in as illegal. On hearing the verdict, a preliminary celebration was occurring all day till late evening. This Friday, we intended a bigger celebration at the time of the regular demonstration. More than hundred Israelis of the anarchists against the wall and the coalition against the fence, from all regions of Israel made the way to Bil'in. Still not sure what the state force do, and if they will not try to block our way, we took to the roads earlier. As we arrived earlier without any problem, we start the preliminary celebration together with local activists and participants from the region - including Palestinian dignitaries who came from time to time to the Friday demonstration.

At noon, we started the usual route from the village center to the route of the separation fence. At the head of the procession was driving a car with sound system. After it the demonstrators with lot of Palestinian flags - dancing and singing with slogan shouted in between. In the march participated nearly all the grown up males of the village with a significant minority of females who nearly never participated in the Friday demonstrations.

As we approached the route of the separation fence we have seen that the state force were not deployed in the area between the village and the fence. Indeed, they did not try to prevent us from approaching the gate of the route of the separation fence.

After the people converged at the open area in front of the gate, lot of speeches were carried, including that of the heat of the Palestinian authority, and a member of the village comity which among his words was a prise of the anarchists against the wall that were not only coming to help but were a real partners all along the 30 months of struggle.

After the end of the speeches, people started to sing and dance for a long while before continuing with it all the way back to the center of the village.

Arriving there, the celebration and dancing continued while the Israelis were gradually mounting the transportation back to Israel.

All along the demonstration people talked about the continuance of the Friday demonstrations in Bil'in at least till the present route of the fence will be destroyed.

All along the last few days both the Israeli and international media was telling the story of Bil'in struggle and partial victory - often including the description of the part played in it by the anarchists against the wall.

Pictutes from to day demo-celebration:

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