Friday, September 28, 2007

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, Wallage, The joint struggle continue 28 Sep 2007

The 138th Friday demonstration was as usual the last few weeks with small variation. It followed the previous Friday spontaneous demonstration. Last week, the Israeli anarchists against the wall activists, were supposed to mainly participate with delegation of activists of Bil'in in the Kutsin Friday demo. Though not a big crowd of villagers and Israelis, with few internationals and Palestinians from the region, it was a happy demonstration. The chanting and sporadic dancing were colored by the recent victory in the partial at the highest court that ordered to move the fence to the west and exclude the cultivated lands of Bil'in. When we arrived at the foot of the hill the gate to the other side of the fence is located, there was the usual barbed wire spool across the road, the declaration of the near by state force commander about the area beyond the barbed wire a closed military zone, and the usually threats.

As usual when we arrived at the block most of us dispersed among the olive trees and advanced towards the near by separation fence. The state force threw the tear gas and shock grenades, but failed to disperse us. Many of us came two near to the soldiers so their grenades became useless, and they were forced to start physical confrontation. The legs of about 6 of us were injured but we refused to leave them to the army treatment and the commander there gave in and ordered the stopping of brutal harassment. After a while, the demonstration was declared finished and we retreated few hundred meters - living the battle ground to the stone throwing youth, observing it for a while before going back to the village.


The Friday demonstration in Wallage - south of Jerusalem.

The Ramadan period had its effect. The less than 50 participants decided to avoid arrests and physical confrontation with the Israeli state forces. The demonstrators marched along the present fence of the colonial settlement, in a peacefull procession.

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