Friday, April 18, 2008

Palestine-Israel, The anarchists against the wall persist in the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation 18-4-08.

This Friday, AATW contingent participated in the demonstrations south of Bethlehem with the addition theme of solidarity with Musa Abu Maria arrested lately (see below). After the demonstration in Um Salmuna the comrades visited Musa in jail and later visited his family at the village Beit Umar. The other main activity was the 165th Friday demonstration in Bil'in. WE marching with the local activists and internationals from the center of the village to the gate of the route of the separation fence with banners and placards chanting all the way. We converged near the route and few comrades forced the gate open as a symbolic defiance. After a while state force added to the warnings some warning shots hoping to provoke the unruly youth to start trowing stones...

It took about 40 minutes till the youth responded to the challenge and enabled the state force to respond as usually with lot of tear gas canisters and shooting of bullets coated with rubber... and dispersed the nonviolent demonstration.


Musa AbuMaria persecuted

Early in the morning of Friday April 11th IDF troops invaded the home of the AbuMaria family and arrested Mousa Abu Maria. Mousa is a well known nonviolent activist and a co-founder of the Palestinian Solidarity Project. He has been a lead organizer in peaceful protest involving hundreds of Israelis and internationals and has been committed to nonviolence for several years.

When Mousa was arrested his family was not told of the reason of his arrest or his whereabouts.

When his lawyer managed to locate him it turned out he was being held in military jail but still no reason for his arrest was given. Only days later was his lawyer finally told that he was suspected of membership in a terrorist organization but when his interrogation did not turn up any evidence the prosecution has admitted that there 'may' not be enough evidence to put him on trial.

With no evidence of against him and a long history of nonviolent activism Mousa's family should be celebrating his impending release. The Israeli military court system that presides over Palestinians in the Occupied Territories does not work that way and the prosecution has said they are considering putting Mousa in Administrative Detention, in which he has no right to trial. For Palestinians, when there is no evidence for a trial, they are simply jailed without one. The decision on whether Mousa will be placed in Administrative Detention will most likely be made TOMORROW.

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